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  • Kate 22:44 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

    A 16-year-old boy was shot and seriously injured in St‑Laurent on Saturday evening.

    • dwgs 23:22 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

      Hi Kate, the first link goes to a story about flooding in Alberta…

    • Kate 00:58 on 2022-08-21 Permalink

      No idea how that happened. The URL was correct originally. I never even saw the Alberta item.

      Fixed, thank you!

    • MarcG 09:45 on 2022-08-21 Permalink

      CTV’s link-making robot is weird

  • Kate 18:57 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

    A second woman has died after being hit by several vehicles while walking on a highway in Dorval early Saturday. Like the woman in a wheelchair killed a day ago, she too had been staying at Ullivik, a facility for Nunavik residents in the area.

    I have a map and tote board in the blog sidebar which counts pedestrian fatalities, but I don’t feel these incidents belong in that category. The Gazette mentions that there’s been a petition for months against bad conditions at Ullivik. These incidents don’t derive from normal interactions between pedestrians and vehicles. Something is driving these women to suicidal acts, and that’s a whole other thing.

    • Kate 11:08 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

      The Quebec election will take place on October 3. Some Montreal ridings are up in the air after so many local MNAs gave notice they wouldn’t be running again. But in this article about tight races, only the last two are in Montreal, although the odds of the CAQ winning in St‑Henri are not as good as this writer seems to think.

      As a Montreal blogger I hope to keep something of an eye on the progress of the campaign with a view to how the CAQ has treated Montreal and the promises it makes. It’s a foregone conclusion Legault will have a second term – the question will be how overwhelming his majority will be, and whether he will get more of a foothold on this island.

      • Ephraim 13:17 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

        We need a new law to make electioneering fair and equal. Political parties cannot advertise unless their is an election called. The CAQ and PQ have had ads up BEFORE the election. It’s dirty pool and they should be paying a fine for it, or having another sanction. An election is not an election until the day it is called.

    • Kate 10:44 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

      Tickets for the pre-season Raptors game here on October 14 sold out in nine minutes. Some are saying this is proof Montreal needs an NBA team, but the popularity of one exhibition game is not proof of support for a full‑time professional team.

      • Kate 10:42 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

        Pierre Karl Péladeau writes a glowing encomium to René Lévesque as the centenary of his birth approaches. Le Devoir talks about the rebel premier and, in the Journal, Antoine Robitaille pens another panegyric.

        • Orr 11:49 on 2022-08-24 Permalink

          Bernard St-Laurent (oh how we miss him) said today that René himself said the achievement he was most proud of was getting $$$ out of political donations thus removing somewhat the corrosive and corrupting influence of money on politics. Results have, as they say, varied.

      • Kate 09:26 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

        The Journal has already created a story category called Le français en déclin with the example of a rib fest in the Plateau Rosemont with English‑only signs.

        I don’t know the history or background of this rib fest, but it is evidently an American thing and the signs are – as the writer admits – evocative of an American fair. Part of the sign even says “All the way from Little Rock, Arkansas.”

        It’s a fund‑raiser in addition, so it isn’t even a profit‑making venture.

        (Also, “langue de Shakespeare” is trotted out, although I don’t remember anyone in Shakespeare discussing Dinosaur Ribs.)

        Update: While the Journal heads this story as in the Plateau, it takes place in the Angus Shops, squarely in Rosemont.

        • Will S. 11:13 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

          Here is the feast, and I for one say dibs
          As servants bring around the plates of ribs.
          The dragon slain, we feast upon its meat!
          Sit down, brave lords, and merrily let us eat!

        • Joey 11:58 on 2022-08-20 Permalink


        • Kate 12:22 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

          Yes, the shoe dropped. I was just going to come back and add a correction there. Thanks!

      • Kate 08:53 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

        People living near the Hôtel‑Dieu homeless shelter say it’s become a source of trouble in the neighbourhood. Implicit in the story is the police claim that they have the situation under control, and residents saying they don’t.

        • Kate 08:39 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

          The Globe & Mail has a little photo and story feature on Montreal’s balconies.

          If anything, I’ve noticed how porches and balconies are hardly used around here. Back balconies get some use, often for barbecues, but you can walk blocks of Villeray’s streets on a fine day and nobody’s sitting outside on their front balcony.

          • DeWolf 11:23 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

            I’m surprised to hear that. On my block of St-Vallier, there’s usually a bunch of people sitting on their front balconies at various points in the day. My upstairs neighbours in particular pretty much live on their balconies during the warm months.

            When I was in Mile End, many of the back balconies on my block had been replaced by large terraces (or galleries as they’re sometimes called) and they were very heavily used. On some evenings the sound of several dinner parties and gatherings happening at once could be pretty intense. It was like being in some weirdly bourgeois version of Balconville.

            That said, with air conditioning becoming more and more common, I find people tend to hide out indoors at times they would have been getting some fresh air on the balcony. Air conditioning is pernicious – not only do the units create a lot of pollution (heat exhaust and noise), they’re addictive, and I hear people running them even when it’s it’s a cool, breezy night.

          • Kate 12:26 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

            No kidding, DeWolf. I noticed it last year while doing census work, and last summer was generally hotter. I have one elderly neighbour who often sits on her front porch, but she’s the only one on my block. There’s a lot more action on the back porches around here. It’s quite cosy of a summer evening with people outside reading and eating and their kids playing in the alley till dark.

          • MarcG 14:04 on 2022-08-20 Permalink

            I’m guilty of running the air conditioner at night even if it cools off because if I open the window I’ll be woken up repeatedly during the night by motorcycles and then at 7am on the dot by someone chainsawing.

          • Meezly 10:22 on 2022-08-21 Permalink

            The fan mode in ACs can be used to circulate outside air inside without having to use the more resource-heavy cooling mechanism.

          • CE 22:07 on 2022-08-21 Permalink

            The dehumidifier mode can make a big difference on humid days too.

        • Kate 08:29 on 2022-08-20 Permalink | Reply  

          A teenager was stabbed early Saturday in Montreal North, and is in critical condition.

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