SRB Pie-IX to open in November

The SRB Pie-IX, which has been in development so long that most Montrealers have long forgotten about it, is now set to open on November 7, circulating between Pierre‑de Coubertin Avenue in Montreal and boulevard St‑Martin in Laval.

I assume you’ll need a Zone B ticket if you want to go to Laval, but there’s nothing about this in the article, and I wonder how they’ll arrange to chuck you off at Henri‑Bourassa if you only have a Zone A ticket. (I had a look at the STM fare grille and had to remind myself this is the simplified, streamlined version.)

In other bus news, the STM is holding talks this month in the West Island about reconfiguring bus routes in the area. I would’ve thought they’d need to see how people use the REM in practice before changing the routes, but I suppose they might as well get started.