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  • Kate 20:02 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

    CultMTL has reviewed the SQDC’s edibles, bravely rating the beets, cauliflower and figs.

    • DeWolf 22:38 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

      I have no time for anyone who hates cauliflower.

      Although I’ll admit, the beet and fig edibles were not bad, tasty even, but dried cauliflower infused with cannabis is just weird.

    • carswell 22:59 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

      Reviewer dislikes beets and abhors cauliflower. Why should anyone except beet and cauliflower haters care what he has to say?

    • Ian 07:28 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

      Nuts & gum, together at last

    • walkerp 10:05 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

      Just another example of how backwards our society is, with this insane manufactured fear for the children actively encourages increase plastic waste. The packaging for these SQDC products is absolutely disgusting (and useless).

    • carswell 10:29 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

      @walkerp In the SQDC’s defence, it’s federal law that establishes the packaging requirements. The company, cannabis producers and other Canadian “jurisdictions” (the term they use, analogous to the SAQ being a member of the Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions) have been working with the packaging industry and pressuring the feds to reduce this source of waste. One short-term improvement: all secondary packaging (e.g. cardboard boxes in which the plastic containers are packed) has been or will soon be banned.

    • walkerp 15:20 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

      Oh that’s good to hear. It’s a start. Thanks for the update. It was so depressing and ironic that once it was legalized, the only impact on the children are seeing the empty medical-quality plastic containers littered all over the streets on the way to school.

  • Kate 17:10 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

    The mayor is happy that CF Montreal has got into the MLS playoffs, and will face Orlando City on Sunday evening in Saputo Stadium.

    Update: Which they won 2-0, to progress to the semi‑final.

    • Kate 14:05 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

      Steven Guilbeault says the federal government is considering making the Dorval Technoparc into a national urban park and preserving it for the bird and insect species that live there, notably the monarch butterfly. No time frame for the decision is mentioned here, though.

      • JaneyB 01:07 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

        I like it. I like it. Good idea. I think almost everyone is worried about the monarch at this point.

      • carswell 08:31 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

        Glad to see this. Does nothing to restore the credibility Guilbeault lost when he signed off on the Alberta-BC pipelines and Bay du Nord project, however.

    • Kate 14:03 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

      TVA says that COP15, scheduled here from December 7-19, will be a security challenge to the SPVM. Twelve thousand delegates from 185 countries are expected, including some heads of state, and while cities are usually given a year to prepare, the announcement that this session would be moved to Montreal was only made in June.

      Some of those visitors won’t be accustomed to what Montreal can be like in December, either. Too bad they couldn’t keep the session in October as originally intended. It’s so nice here right now.

      • Kate 10:34 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

        CBC says sea urchin is going to be promoted here, in November and December.

        I’ve had sea urchin twice at sushi places. I loved it, but either I got bad seafood twice by chance, or else it’s a real food allergy – I got shivery, felt nauseated and puked. I’ve got one of those digestions that almost never flinches, and it’s the only two times I’ve been sick like that in years. I don’t think I’ll chance it a third time.

        • carswell 10:38 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          Don’t chance it until you’ve been tested for an allergy to it. Subsequent episodes can be exponentially worse.

        • Kate 10:44 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          The good thing is that sea urchin isn’t something that’s going to be sneaked into food without one’s knowledge.

      • Kate 09:40 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

        It’s come up before in the news that there’s a black market in Opus cards being sold at bargain prices, but it has always been, as suggested here, that they’re legitimate Opuses being filled up using stolen credit cards, rather than counterfeits.

        It’s one way of laundering profit from a stolen credit card, I suppose, before it gets reported.

        The spokesperson here says Opus cards can only be updated with equipment possessed by the STM or an authorized retailer. By now there must be some of that hardware loose in the wild, and the passwords as well. But it serves the STM to claim the system is watertight.

        • M 10:31 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          The way these things often go, the origin and management of the black market in opus cards is probably well inside the belly of the STM itself, with a crew of people who have easy access to the right machinery

          from the outside, it looks like the stm, municipality, and province have had a rather antagonistic relationship with their staff for quite some time

      • Kate 09:00 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

        Saturday morning, a driver lost control of his car and fetched it up in a playground in St‑Léonard which fortunately had nobody playing in it at the time.

        Can someone explain the catch‑all expression “lost control of his car” to this non‑driver? I presume it doesn’t mean a mechanical failure in the vehicle, but rather some lapse in the driver’s attention – or am I mistaken?

        • jeather 10:06 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          Could mean anything. Brakes failed, slipped on ice, drove into a playground because you started texting while driving. I don’t think the cause is necessarily driver’s fault, though it doesn’t exclude that by any means.

        • Blork 11:01 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          Yeah, it can mean almost anything, as Jeather says. It can also be things like: was driving too fast through a turn, so the car skidded sideways or jumped the curb. Or maybe missed the brake pedal and hit the gas by mistake (it happens). Or just plain turned the steering too sharply (or not sharply enough) resulting in the car not going where they wanted it to, resulting in heavy braking, resulting in skidding or sliding, etc. It can also happen if the driver does something like drop a drink they were holding, which would cause them to jump and for a few seconds not have control of the car.

          In this case the driver turned from Viau onto boulevard des Grandes Prairies, and almost immediately went off the road. What that tells me is that they were likely speeding, and when they took that 90-degree turn too fast the car couldn’t handle it and jumped the curb, probably wrenching the steering wheel right out of the driver’s grip. Lucky thing there were no kids in the playground!

        • Kate 14:27 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          Hmm. OK, thanks both.

        • mare 08:05 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

          Also, but unlikely in this case, people can lose control because medical issues, for instance a TIA or an small seizure, which can cause them to lose conscious for a few seconds but might have no remaining symptoms after the collision, and aren’t recalled by the sufferer, and so are very hard to diagnose by the first responders.


      • Kate 08:56 on 2022-10-16 Permalink | Reply  

        While immigrants work hard to learn French, native speakers of French who want to become teachers – in a province short of teachers – are blocked because they can’t pass the French test.

        • Joey 09:42 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          I dunno, those sample test questions seem like they shouldn’t be too hard for French-language education students.

        • Blork 11:02 on 2022-10-16 Permalink

          Sounds like the pitch for a cynical Netflix comedy.

        • PatrickC 09:55 on 2022-10-17 Permalink

          Some of the sample questions do require careful thinking and close attention, but having to get 7 out of 10 right answers doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable expectation for a teacher of French. Perhaps one problem is that the difference between the correct and incorrect form is not always perceptible when the sentence is spoken, and we tend to rely more than we used to on how things sound in order to decide if something is off.

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