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  • Kate 20:31 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Gilles Pimparé, convicted in 1984 in a notorious 1979 incident in which two teenagers were killed – the girl raped first – and thrown off the Jacques‑Cartier bridge, has been denied parole again because he’s judged at risk of reoffending. Pimparé is 68. There are conflicting accounts online whether his accomplice, Normand Guérin, is also still in prison.

    • shawn 20:36 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      Here’s a wiki article about a related documentary. Pimparé has always refused to meet with the parents.


    • Kate 20:48 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      Do you think he ought to? I can’t imagine the inner life of someone like that, but I can imagine he might not want to be made the recipient of an emotional and religious scene.

    • shawn 20:59 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      I just mentioned it because the doc focuses on the parents and the other one, who did,…

  • Kate 20:07 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Montreal is called the Eldorado of Torontonians because houses are more affordable here, while some Montrealers are leaving for Quebec City to find an affordable house to buy. Bit by bit everyone will change houses till the last person ends up buying a shed in St‑Louis‑du‑Ha!Ha!

    • Ephraim 22:18 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      Good news… a 3 bedroom mobile home is available for $94K https://www.centris.ca/en/houses~for-sale~saint-louis-du-ha!-ha!/19394418?view=Summary

      There is also a quadraplex for $195K right in the centre of town. The downside is that the walkability score is a mere 7. And there is a supermarket (Metro) in Cabano

    • JaneyB 09:31 on 2022-11-07 Permalink

      That 29 year old who is selling his house in Toronto…can’t be too many of them, given rents of $2500/mo and salaries only a bit higher than here. I think the average house price there is $1 million.

    • Kate 09:40 on 2022-11-07 Permalink

      People inherit houses, or buy them with family help or inheritances.

  • Kate 10:32 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Marc-Boris St-Maurice – who used to campaign for the legalization of cannabis – had a lot of fertilizer dumped outside Fairmount Bagel on Saturday to mark a year since the owner’s son Daniel Shlafman is accused of having murdered a sex worker in a nearby apartment, then killed himself. St-Maurice has apparently set himself up as a campaigner for the legalization of the sex trade.

    • shawn 10:44 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      Jeez. Shlafman was by all accounts a sick guy but I don’t know what his bereaved family has to do it?

    • Blork 10:53 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      That’s the dumbest protest I’ve seen in years. The stupidity has nothing to do with the cause – that’s a whole separate discussion. The stupidity is the pointless gesture. It’s not like Fairmount Bagel is responsible for the murder. Or that they somehow deny it, or make statements that rationalize it, or otherwise do or say things worthy of protest. It should be noted that they lost a family member too, even if he was (by most accounts) not likeable and indeed (apparently) a killer.

      So why protest Fairmount Bagel? The article says St-Maurice claims it’s not about Fairmount Bagel; that he was just commemorating the event at the location where it happened. Uh, sure. But by dumping fertilizer on the street in front of a business? Dude, you’re mixing your metaphors.

      Who paid for the cleanup? Was St-Maurice fined? Who is the hired truck guy, and was he fined? So many questions.

      Also: dumbass. What he dumped was odourless fertilizer derived from manure (basically compost), but I think he was hoping for a pile of stinky shit. FAIL.

    • EG 13:19 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      Marc-Boris could’ve just protested by going to St-Viateur instead.

    • shawn 13:23 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      and to be really picky the family business was not the site of murder-suicide, which was nearby in a residence on Saint-Urbain…

    • Ephraim 14:28 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      About the greatest reason that I have seen in a long time for someone to get a court injunction against someone else. The family suffered a great loss and the decisions of their son have nothing to do with the business, nor sex workers.

    • Ian 15:11 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      On a more positive note, lots of free fertilizer for the many green alleys and gardens in the neighbourhood, and the perfect time of year to be spreading it.

    • Marc-Boris St-Maurice 16:55 on 2023-03-19 Permalink

      When I read things like : “even if he was (by most accounts) not likeable and indeed (apparently) a killer” it makes me sick to my stomach. “Apparently” a killer?? WTF? Casting doubt on the fact that he killed her. How rude to the family of that woman. Nice to see people apologizing for such a brutal murder. I guess nobody cares about a dead sex worker. their lives are disposable, but the grief of the family of a montreal “institution” is of course more important.

      And then to read : “the decisions of their son have nothing to do with the business, nor sex workers”??? The decision of Daniel Shlafman to murder a sex worker has EVERYTHING to do with sex workers!! She was murdered while on the job. Had this been a police officer, a fireman or even a blue collar city worker dead on the job we would have a parade for them, But a dead sex worker? They are not a worthy victim, ohhh, but the poor grieving Shlafman family. What about this woman’s family? Disgusting.

      Decriminalizing sex work would help reduce these risks tremendously, but nobody wants to talk about that, we just want to keep the bagel’s reputation alive and well.

      I organized this protest to draw attention to the problems that criminalizing sex work causes and to honor the victim.

      Irwin shlafman always said the family had bagels in the blood. Now it seems to me there are blood in the bagels.

      Bon appetit!

      Marc-Boris ST-Maurice

  • Kate 10:12 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Feng Tian, a 17-year-old student from China, went missing October 17 from the NDG apartment he shares with his mother and younger brother. I don’t usually post missing persons stories because they come and go, but this one is puzzling because the young man is still missing and, according to a post on reddit’s /r/montreal, there had been no sign he was distressed or on the outs with his family. He went out for a walk and never came home.

    • Kate 10:02 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

      The Journal compares our traffic congestion to other cities and finds we’re not doing so badly.

      • Susan 20:27 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

      • Jonathan 10:37 on 2022-11-07 Permalink

        Strange. The article says, about Vancouver being worse: «Comme il y a moins d’autoroutes, tout le trafic passe par des routes urbaines, où le transport en voiture est plus pénalisé», explique-t-il. But if, as it mentions, it compares it with travel done in a fluid state then that wouldn’t factor in the explanation.

    • Kate 09:47 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

      Metro reports that Concordia students held a demonstration Saturday in support of students in Iran. Metro’s Sliman Naciri should learn that the building he mentions is not called Concordia Hall.

      • Kate 09:45 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

        A woman has been charged with second-degree murder in the death this month of an 81‑year‑old woman in a seniors’ residence in Rosemont. The CTV item doesn’t say what the relationship was, if any, between the two women, only that the suspect will be sent for a psychiatric assessment.

        • Kate 09:37 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

          A 19-year-old was stabbed to death Saturday night in Outremont, the city’s 33rd homicide. No arrests have been made.

          • Kate 09:31 on 2022-11-06 Permalink | Reply  

            Brice Dossa, the Black man handcuffed this week by police who thought he must have stolen his SUV, says he felt humiliated and is now afraid of the police. Dossa had to wait a quarter hour for a key to be brought to free him from the cuffs.

            The SPVM says it will investigate.

            • shawn 09:55 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

              Oh and Don Macpherson RT’d this earlier today. Police brotherhood complaining about criticism in what seems to be a related post: https://twitter.com/FPPM_/status/1588974894276284416

            • Ephraim 15:18 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

              The brotherhood should realize that cameras are on them 100% of the time.

              There is a Jewish law called “Marit Ayin”. Basically, don’t do anything that would have the appearance of violating the law. You don’t just have to actually do the right thing, you need to avoid it looking like you are doing the wrong thing

            • jeather 23:41 on 2022-11-06 Permalink

              I assume people will wonder, and it’s along the lines of “don’t eat something that looks like a bacon cheeseburger in public even if it’s kosher”. It’s generally considered only to be relevant in public (as always there are arguments), and it’s also usually so other people aren’t fooled into thinking that whatever you are doing is allowed, not about being judged.

            • Kate 09:01 on 2022-11-07 Permalink

              I had a friend who was a convert, and I remember her telling me that observant Jews would never eat chicken with cream sauce because of the rule against eating milk and meat together, because even though chickens aren’t mammals and it would technically be OK, it would tend to give observers the impression that it was fine to have dairy products and meat together. Is this in the same category of thing?

            • Joey 14:30 on 2022-11-07 Permalink

              @Kate basically yes. It’s the rabbinic Jewish equivalent of Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion or the importance of wholeheartedly observing the spirit of the law, not just the law itself…

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