Holiday train back in town

The CP Holiday Train is in town Sunday night, making stops in Montreal West and Beaconsfield.

Why do we do this? Jews have Hanukah, they celebrate it on Hanukah. Muslims have Eid, they celebrate it on Eid. Hindus have Diwali… well, you get what I’m saying. But we have “Holiday” which gets smeared through the calendar starting right after Halloween (if we’re lucky) and dragging on for two months. How is the “Holiday” supposed to mean anything, if it drags on for so long?

Why “raise holiday spirits” as mentioned in the article – a full month ahead of the actual holiday?

I bet people are starting to have Christmas parties already, right?

I may have ranted about this before. I don’t hate Christmas and I like the lights, but why can’t we contain the damn thing?