COP15 update

COP15 pieces of the day: CBC explains what it is, the Guardian ponders recent difficulties between Canada and China, the Globe & Mail has a piece on Indigenous leaders and their role at the meeting, and the Gazette talks to Innu people about their frustrations at Quebec’s failure to protect caribou.

Radio-Canada is reporting on the 300 delegates to last summer’s AIDS conference who have asked for asylum in Canada. That this is being reported on the eve of COP15 – for which visas have been delayed in some cases, as they were for the AIDS conference – is bound to be seen as a predictor of future events.

Sunday, the Journal is emphasizing the fears of merchants close to the fenced‑off area around the Palais, stoking anxiety about possible riots, breakages and theft. I say again to anyone thinking of demonstrating: be very aware of agents provocateurs in your midst.

Expect a COP15 post daily, with local as well as worldwide reports on the meeting.