Moroccan Montrealers and the World Cup

Montreal’s Moroccans have been lit up with the progress of their national team at the World Cup. Having defeated Spain on penalties Tuesday, the Morocco team reached the quarter‑finals and will face Portugal on Saturday morning. As someone points out in the item, Morocco is now holding the hopes of many, not only as the only African country but the only piece of the Islamic world still in the contest.

Saturday afternoon we see the revival of a centuries‑old rivalry as England faces France.

Incidentally, Canada shouldn’t feel too bad about its defeat by Croatia. That team defeated Brazil on Friday – also on penalties, but even so. Not a country that first comes to mind when you think soccer, Croatia is one of the smallest countries to reach a World Cup final, which it did against France in 2018.

I’m hoping for just a little honking, whoever wins Saturday’s matches.

Update near noon Saturday: Morocco just beat Portugal and progressed to the semi‑finals.