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  • Kate 21:59 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    In a short piece saying police are working hard but that there has been no arrest yet in the double murder in the Point earlier this week, TVA quotes retired SPVM inspector André Durocher about the 39 homicides this year. He says he’s struck by the prevalence of deadly shootings and blames the federal government. Note the subhead: Une année meurtrière à Montréal.

    So far this year, there have been 39 homicides of which 18 were clearly described as shootings. In a few cases, bodies were found but the stories did not specify how the victims had been killed.

    There were also several people wounded by gunfire and many episodes of gunshots heard with no victims turning up.

    Not pretty, but not, I think, the worst numbers. But our police have learned that if they keep emphasizing how dreadful things are, they will get more money.

    I was looking at the list of cities by size in North America. Montreal is the continent’s 8th largest city by population. Philadelphia, at #10, a city comparable in population, had 562 homicides in 2021 and San Antonio had 160.

    Toronto, bigger than Montreal, had 117 homicides in 2021, and Winnipeg, considerably smaller, had 45.

    Cities of comparable size in Mexico include Guadalajara with 529 and León with 816.

    I’m not saying these numbers from other cities mean 39 killings is peachy. It isn’t. But let’s see it in proportion.

    • mare 23:10 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      I might be weird but the number of murders has absolutely no influence on how safe I feel in Montreal. In the overwhelming majority of cases victims know their murderer so they are actually pretty ‘private’ events. Mass shootings would worry me, but we haven’t had one of those in a while.

      What really worries me however is the number of pedestrians and cyclists who are injured and murdered every year, because the likelihood of that being me or someone I know is much, much higher than the likelihood of being a victim of a ‘classic’ murder.

    • DeWolf 12:09 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      I was curious about the SPVM’s clearance rate — as in how many crimes they actually solve — and it’s not good. According to Statistics Canada, Montreal has a weighted clearance rate of 29.83 (weighted according to the seriousness of crimes). The national average for major cities is 35.78. And for non-violent crimes? 18, compared to a national average of 25.81.

      Toronto is roughly on par with the national average: 37.45 for all crimes and 25.31 for non-violent. So if you’re assaulted or burgled, the police in Toronto are significantly more likely to catch who did it than the police in Montreal.


    • Ephraim 12:12 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      You can’t really compare the US or Mexico with Canada in murder rates. For one thing, they have a LOT more guns in the US. And illegal guns in Mexico (almost all guns in Mexico are illegal imports from the US, see https://www.amazon.ca/Blood-Gun-Money-America-Cartels-ebook/dp/B08HDL3CXG for more information about that. But murder rates have the same problem as we usually talk about with correlation/causation. We need to look at what kind of murder and why. As I have pointed out before police will generally write off as “solved” anything that is gang, drug and mafia related by listing that as the cause. Then we have the societal/family murders. What’s left is the problem, many of which may never be solved, because the lack of relationship… these are the ones that would make you feel unsafe.

    • Ephraim 12:26 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      It’s difficult to judge solve rates unless there is a standard. Mike and Sarah of You’re Wrong About discussed part of this in this episode https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5idXp6c3Byb3V0LmNvbS8xMTEyMjcwLnJzcw/episode/QnV6enNwcm91dC00NzIxNjU3 and basically without a standard rates can appear higher or lower. It’s like the statistic for robbery… is it over the threshold for a major crime versus just burglary? How did they get the value to make that decision? Is the 55″ TV worth what they paid for it, or replacement value or the value on the secondary market?

      The same with murder… a murdered gang member, a mafioso or grandma Esther have different values on the police blotter, never mind the ability to get a conviction. And we haven’t even discussed those murdered by police… so was Breonna Taylor originally classified as a murder? Nope. It is often discussed as a killing or a shooting, not a murder. Nice way to classify it, so it doesn’t sound as bad. To this day, no one was convicted of her murder… the justice department charges were for conspiracy related to getting the warrant. No one is in jail for her murder. Brett Hankison is charged with deprivation of rights leading to death and wanton endangerment

    • walkerp 15:28 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      mare, not weird, I’d say rational.

  • Kate 21:21 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    St Michael’s Mission, which has been operating a day centre for the homeless in St John the Evangelist church downtown for nearly a century, is being evicted and is moving to a different downtown church with higher rent. Why the red roof church is evicting them is not explained.

    • Ian 21:52 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      Tax the churches, enough.

  • Kate 20:50 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Although we tend to think of racial profiling as a police problem, a recent study shows there’s an even bigger problem in retail settings, where people of colour are often looked on with heightened suspicion.

    • Ephraim 12:29 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      The JC store in Place Dupuis was notorious for their security guards searching people, especially if you were a PoC

  • Kate 20:47 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    I wasn’t particularly aware of an Argentine community here, but there is one, and boy were they happy Sunday. Their national team has won the World Cup once twice before, but not since 1986.

    • dhomas 21:40 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      This is their third World Cup victory. They also won in 1986, with Diego Maradona.

    • Kate 22:04 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      Right. I blame my cat for distracting me.

    • Joey 10:27 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      There were about as many police as celebrants around the monument yesterday ~4:30. A crowd maybe 1/5 the size of a regular Tam Tam gathering, and yet the cops decided to close Parc heading north. Fun to watch a soccer game and then make some overtime…

  • Kate 20:45 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is going to extend drinking hours till 6 during ten events this winter, ascribed to “la relance du centre-ville” (which I suspect will be a thing for the next ten years, if not longer).

    • Kevin 14:21 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      Will the bartenders be dressed as clowns?

  • Kate 11:27 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Héma-Québec’s nurses are demonstrating Sunday. They haven’t had a new contract for four years, and they want parity with nurses in the health sector.

    Last time I gave blood I saw a few discreet “en grève” stickers and felt a bit bad I was there at all, but I hadn’t known, and it’s not as if I was buying anything. The nurse I spoke to said they were subject to Essential Services laws so they couldn’t just walk off the job, and I wished her good luck with the outcome.

    The helpers made a fuss about how I had to have a “collation” before leaving. Note to Héma‑Québec: you’ve got to up your game here. The “collation” was on a very small table. There were wee sachets of ketchup‑flavoured chips, packets of two social tea cookies, and the tiniest possible cartons of fruit juice – and we were not allowed to take more than one of each. It made the old days of the Red Cross donut and coffee offerings seem almost lavish by comparison.

    • Blork 15:28 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      Many words in French sound much better than they do in English (“fromage” just sounds tastier than “cheese” etc.) but “collation” is the opposite. Instead of the quick and snappy “snack,” “collation” sounds like something that must be endured, like a cod liver oil treatment or having your skin tags removed.

    • DeWolf 17:41 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      I know what Blork means. ‘Collation’ is a bit clinical. ‘Grignotine’ is much more evocative – even better than ‘snack.’ (Quebec-specific words are usually more fun than their standard French counterparts.)

    • Ian 22:21 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      Amusingly, skin tag sounds very fancy in French but yeah.
      I stopped going to give blood when I started sleeping with guys, I hear that’s kosher now but meh.
      I’m still all in for organ donation & body donation but haven’t given blood since my first pair of leather pants.

    • EmilyG 00:07 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      Though I think the word “déguster” is unpleasant-sounding. Maybe it sounds too much to me like “disgusting.”

    • MarcG 07:18 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      I’ll take this opportunity to ask about organ donation: you know that little sticker they give you with your health card renewal notice that you sign and put on the back of the card, and a few months later it’s all faded and ripped… does that really fly when you die? I finally printed the online form and mailed it in because I have a hard time believing that shredded sticker with my faded signature on it would actually be proof of anything to anyone.

    • Joey 11:40 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      @MarcG I always assumed they used the presence of the sticket to nudge your next of kin to authorize their harvesting your organs, but who knows?

  • Kate 11:16 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Laval’s Cité de la Santé hospital is so overwhelmed that they’re parking patients at UdeM.

    • Spi 20:51 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      Frankly I’m curious as to how you came to that conclusion/editorial line. Did you read the entire article?
      1. It’s not open yet so they aren’t parking anyone there.
      2 There is no indication or mention that the Cité de la Santé is so overwhelmed that this was necessary.
      3. It’s one of several emergency clinics staffed by specialized practicing nurse, yes it’s meant to alleviate the pressure off emergency room resources but as the article points out they’ll also be taking in people from the GAP and home care staff, in addition to the lowest priority patients that show up at emergency.

    • Kate 20:56 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      The headline says “L’UdeM mise à contribution pour désengorger l’urgence de la Cité de la Santé” and the deck says: “Des locaux universitaires ont été aménagés à la vitesse de l’éclair pour recevoir dès la semaine prochaine des centaines de patients détournés de l’urgence de la Cité de la Santé à Laval.”

      I basically write up a précis. I can’t translate whole articles, and having read the head and deck and skimmed the article, I figured anyone with enough interest in the subject would click through and find out the details of how this is being done to help train nurse practitioners and so on.

      I think “désengorger l’urgence” strongly implies that the ER there is overwhelmed. All our ERs are overwhelmed, and there are stories every day about things being done to redistribute less critically ill people to other healthcare providers.

  • Kate 11:15 on 2022-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    The photos shown in these reports made the social media rounds before the mainstream news. A post to reddit’s /r/montreal this week told how the couple were living in “… the second floor of a row home in a nice area in little Italy. Last month, they tore down the building next to us […] Last night I found a crack in the corner of one of the bedrooms from floor to ceiling. This morning I woke up and found several more cracks in other areas of the walls…”

    The poster was advised to call 911 urgently, the building was evacuated, and then their rooms were revealed to the elements.

    Update: Looking at the photo from CTV’s report it seems likely the ground floor tenant will also have damage to their possessions.

    • DeWolf 12:39 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      It was weird to see this play out in real time on Reddit, and then to walk a few blocks over to witness the actual thing taking place (I live nearby). I walked by again yesterday and the snow has blown inside the apartment, covering the bed, bookcases, etc. I assume it’s still too structurally unsafe to allow anyone inside to retrieve their belongings.

      I actually saw the duplex next door being demolished and thought there was something off. Two guys were just whacking at the wood frame with sledgehammers in a way that felt kind of improvised. I should have taken a video.

    • Kate 13:45 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      The tenants should set up a Gofundme. I’m sure people would chip in to help them replace their damaged belongings.

      On reddit they said they had been able to rescue their cat from the building, at least.

    • Meezly 16:46 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      Wow. How is something like this allowed to happen?

    • jackruttan 20:55 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      I think that lawyers, etc. are just as swamped as medical personnel in this era. Lout rampage in the meantime….

    • Ian 21:59 on 2022-12-18 Permalink

      The worst part is that the tenants’ possessions won’t be covered in the lawsuit by the landlord. I have theft, fire and water damage insurance … what would you even call this? I guess the tenants will have to sue the contractors of the neighbouring landlord … The CTV article seemed confident the landlord’s insurance would cover it, but I have my doubts unless the tenants bring them to court.

    • Joey 11:42 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      Amazing nobody could put up some Tyvek or whatever to at least keep the snow out. @Meezly, how many years ago did the bricks fall off the building on Villeneuve and Esplanade? I don’t think they’ve finished putting them back…

    • Meezly 12:03 on 2022-12-19 Permalink

      @Joey, you’re right, it’s still not done. I had gotten used to seeing it in that state. The bricks must’ve fallen off like 4 or 5 years ago?

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