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  • Kate 17:09 on 2023-01-05 Permalink | Reply  

    SPVM police chief Fady Dagher has been plunged into some embarrassment by the discovery of several photos of his daughter toting a toy gun at Halloween.The Journal says the photos disappeared from the daughter’s Instagram shortly after QMI informed Dagher of their existence.

    • Spi 19:12 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      Glad to see the internal war between factions at the SPVM is still going on.

    • steph 19:35 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      fusil jouet. yawn. there’s no story here.

      Is she a minor? please, let the kids be. (the sexualish nature of the pictures screams ‘clickbait’ more than the gun angle. Get a life JdM)

    • Blork 21:36 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      Seriously, what a yawn. It’s not even a reproduction or stunt gun. By the look of it, it’s a plastic toy rifle. No story at all. FFS.

    • Kevin 22:17 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      They must be upset because Halloween is an anglo celebration and she is an example of falling to assimilate into Quebecois culture.

    • Kate 00:14 on 2023-01-06 Permalink

      Yves Boisvert calls it a méchant scoop while Le Devoir reports it straight.

    • Blork 00:38 on 2023-01-06 Permalink

      Straight except for this part: L’arme s’apparente à une arme véritable. There’s no way it’s real or even looks real. It’s far too small. It’s scaled for a child. Barrel is too short, shoulder stock is too short. Unless the woman holding it is a giant, it’s obviously a toy.

    • CptGift 08:22 on 2023-01-06 Permalink

      Thats how power backlash on People when you become a public figure…

    • dhomas 21:58 on 2023-01-06 Permalink

      @Blork: not being a “gun person”, I have no idea what the dimensions of a gun could/should be. The gun in the photos looked real to me. Basically, if it’s not super colourful or at least had an orange tip, it’s pretty realistic to my eyes.

  • Kate 14:24 on 2023-01-05 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse’s Maryssa Ferah tells how Salim Touaibi, accused in the 2021 shooting of teenager Meriem Boundaui, was involved two years earlier in a bizarre incident involving hiding a loaded gun in a restaurant and being found out.

    I may be mistaken about this, but this story doesn’t seem to have been revealed as part of an active trial, so it’s not clear how the journalist came by the details except possibly directly from police. There’s a coda about youth packing guns and how gang disputes so often turn to gunfire.

    • AN 14:42 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      @Kate I might also be misunderstanding but there’s this sentence: “…selon les faits relatés en cour lors de la reconnaissance de culpabilité des accusés.” I thought “en cour” meant “in court”

    • Kate 15:29 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      Thank you! My eye slid right over that.

    • Blork 15:49 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

      That Moretti restaurant is a real winner. It’s the same place that was shut down for a while in mid-2020 for ignoring COVID health rules, including overcrowding and forcing COVID-positive staff to work while they were sick. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/griffintown-pizzeria-closed-temporarily-because-of-covid-19-concerns

    • Em 10:42 on 2023-01-06 Permalink

      Blork — and Moretti is always packed, so no damage to its reputation apparently.

    • Kate 11:03 on 2023-01-06 Permalink

      Good spot, Blork. Another link on that story.

  • Kate 12:40 on 2023-01-05 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse looks at how the city has been decontaminating lower Point St Charles, the most contaminated land in the central part of town. The eventual plan is to be able to build on the land.

    • Kate 10:30 on 2023-01-05 Permalink | Reply  

      Icy roads have complicated the morning commute as drizzle continues and memories of the ice storm 25 years ago continue to be posted.

      • Kevin 11:15 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

        It’s a crampon morning — but it’s not truly terrible out there. We’ve had much worse in the past few years.

    • Kate 00:34 on 2023-01-05 Permalink | Reply  

      La Presse went on the road with a man who applies wheel clamps to make delinquent drivers pay their fines.

      • Daniel 09:36 on 2023-01-05 Permalink

        You could fill a book with what I didn’t know about this system, but I was surprised to learn that just one unpaid ticket is (eventually) enough to get booted.

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