Three dead after stabbings

Three people are dead in Rosemont, all stabbed, found in an apartment. There’s been an arrest.

TVA has spoken to a neighbour. And they got a gory video.

Update: The only suspect is called Arthur Galarneau, is 19 years old and is said to be a member of the victims’ family. Metro has a photoso does CTV now.

Metro also talked to a psychiatrist at the Pinel Institute about mental illness and clues to a potential for violence. François Legault is promising more money for mental health in the wake of recent events – the Laval bus, the Amqui attack and now this triple homicide. Rosemont MNA Vincent Marissal also spoke about the difficulty in getting mental health services in Quebec.

La Presse reports that the young man had had troubles and was recorded as saying “Vraiment, ma vie elle a changé. Ça switch en ce moment, c’est vraiment le fun. […] les deux dernières années c’était vraiment hard et j’ai vécu beaucoup de bullshit…”