Montreal tops Canada for illegal Airbnbs

Montreal is the top city in Canada for illegal Airbnb listings.

The owner’s lawyer says there were smoke detectors throughout the building, but would not say whether they were functional. The journalist also quotes the lawyer as saying “Il y a effectivement un appartement qui n’avait peut-être pas de fenêtre au sens traditionnel” which tells me whoever wrote this (no byline) knew damn well the lawyer was blowing smoke.

Fenêtre au sens traditionnel! The Gazette says that reviews on Airbnb criticized the building for having apartments with no windows.

Ricochet has zeroed in on another man whom they say was running a “short-term rental empire” in association with the owner, whom I won’t name on the blog because I don’t want to be found by ego googling, but who’s mentioned in this article, which goes into some detail about the situation around the building before the fire.

A second body has been found and will be sent to a lab for identification.