Airbnb: more fallout from the fire

La Presse’s Maxime Bergeron lays out how Quebec and Montreal have, between them, failed to rein in the proliferation of technically illegal short‑term rentals, a trend that’s not only at the heart of the housing crisis, but has now been shown to be extremely dangerous.

But is he correct that it’s incredibly difficult to prove where the Airbnbs are located? When I was curious about an Airbnb existing close to my place, it took me about two minutes to find it on the map, look at the pictures, and see how much it would cost to rent it for a night. The whole point of the site is to advertise, not to conceal.

Another thing the inspectors need to look for is combination key lock boxes on front porches. Dead giveaway.

Maybe I should apply for a job as an inspector. They’re going to need them.