Quebec budget a bust for cities

The provincial budget was presented Tuesday. People are mostly talking about a very slight reduction in income taxes for some, but what concerns this blog is funding for cities – specifically, transit and housing in this fraught era.

And it’s generally felt to have been a disappointment. The CAQ is not interested in you if you don’t own your own house and car. Even QMI says that the party is more concerned with roads and highways than public transit.

Metro, which continues to grow in its seriousness and reliability about local news, has a good dissection of the budget’s points affecting Montreal, including how Quebec’s only financing a small fraction of the social housing we need. There are more points in the Metro piece, which I won’t expand on. If you want to know how the budget affects the city it’s a must‑read.

In short, we don’t vote for the CAQ, so how can we expect them to do anything for us?