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  • Kate 18:58 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

    The First Friday food truck event is to return this summer, starting in June.

    I’m surprised to learn there are nearly 40 trucks listed as participating.

    Update: The environs of the Olympic stadium are to be marketed as a site événementiel.

    • Ian 19:05 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      And yet a single classic ice cream truck in this burg would be like taking a shit in the punch bowl?
      We really need to get over Drapeau’s weirdness about street culture.

  • Kate 18:34 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Henri-Bourassa is to become an “active corridor” with both an REV and a SRB starting with segments in St‑Laurent and Ahuntsic.

    The St-Denis REV is constantly growing in popularity.

    Part of Old Montreal is to become pedestrian‑only next year. Ensemble is pretending to be irked that the exact bounds of the plan have yet to be chosen. But Valérie Plante knows this idea is a winner.

    • Kate 17:53 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

      An Amber Alert went off Tuesday afternoon, but the five‑month‑old boy has been found. Not connected to whatever happened in Outremont on Monday, I think – it sounds like the baby was whisked away by its father.

      Update: The father was arrested.

      • Kate 17:50 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Police salaries will rise 19% over five years if the Brotherhood accepts the offer. Plus an extra 2% for patrol cops.

        • Ian 18:44 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          Via Ted Rutland on Twitter –
          “With the new contract, the starting salary of an SPVM cop will almost double between 2022 and 2026 to top $100,000 – with 15 weeks of training at Nicolet. That’s triple the salary of many community workers.”


          I guess all that budget money they took from public transit has to go somewhere, why not into the pockets of some 20 year old wet-behind-the-ears from Police Academy junior cops that live off-island anyhow? It’s not like THEY take the city bus.

        • steph 01:13 on 2023-05-10 Permalink

          For those that think “the salary is justified due to the danger associated”; statistics show that while being a police officer does has a level of risk associated to it, that risk is attributed to <>. Being a cop is as dangerous as driving a taxi, or delivering pizza. As for work place fatalities, it’s more dangerous to be a truck driver than a cop. It’s 250% more dangerous to be a roofer than a cop.

      • Kate 10:11 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Merchants along Ste-Catherine are getting weary of the street closure necessitated by the unstable Jaeger building. It seems the owner, who lives in the U.S., is in no hurry to deal with the situation.

        • DeWolf 10:21 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          The whole situation is ridiculous. But this quote from a shopkeeper really underlines the magical thinking a lot of business owners seem to have when it comes to cars:

          « Quand les voitures passent, ils voient [la vitrine], ils stationnent et ils viennent », a-t-elle dit.

          Really? On Ste-Catherine Street? There is no parking on the street. And the idea that somebody would decide to go into a menswear store after seeing its window display *while driving* is mind-boggling. Also, this particular shop is a block away from the dangerous building, on a block that is open to traffic. So there’s nothing stopping anyone from driving there at the moment.

        • Nicholas 12:58 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          I feel like that quote is from someone who took a Retail Business 101 course. Of course when studies look at the numbers they find people drive to businesses they planned to go to in advance, but people popping into stores they find intriguing are much more likely to be walking or biking, because it’s easier to stop and pop in. As well, if you are driving you should not be looking at the store windows but at the roadway. I understand the construction in that area, which has been around for much of the last few years, is not great for business, and if I were a business or the city I’d think of suing the derelict landlord, but I’m sure they’d say it’s historic preservation requirements, which is likely true.

        • Blork 15:04 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          I am sorry to say I have driven down Ste-Catherine many times in the past 25 years, but I will agree with DeWolf and Nicolas because I have never, not once in that time, stopped and immediately parked the car because of something I saw in a shop window. Not once.

        • jeather 16:40 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          I have been tempted on small streets to pull over based on seeing a store that looks interesting, but Ste Catherine? No

        • Ian 18:56 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          While I agree it’s comical that the owner of a mid-range downtown chain store thinks drive-by draw is a thing in this day and age, it is pretty nuts that the whole stretch from McGill to University is closed because of one unstable storefront. Did we run out of scaffolding?

        • DeWolf 00:24 on 2023-05-10 Permalink

          Could the city have a case to expropriate the building?

          Then again, they expropriated (or maybe just bought?) those buildings at St-Antoine and Mountain that have had five fires in five years, so I’m not sure it would be an improvement.

        • Ephraim 10:32 on 2023-05-10 Permalink

          Change the law on scaffolding on public property. You get 60 days before the fees start to double. And then they double every 60 days. See how long you want to keep the scaffolding there, when every 60 days the price doubles.

      • Kate 09:55 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Statistics from the SPVM say crimes are up, both thefts and assaults having risen in the first three months of this year.

        • Ian 10:54 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          How convenient to be able to manipulate the very statistics that validate your grotesquely inflated budgets.

        • Ephraim 11:05 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          @Kate – Reported crimes. We have no idea if crime is up or down, because so much is unreported. (And then the police can try to manipulate how crime is reported by amounts, how they classify, etc.

        • Kate 11:29 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          Oh, I realize these stats are subject to all kinds of interpretation and political tinkering, but Ephraim, I’ve never bought into your view that a lot of crime goes unreported. Yes, among gang members, running to the cops is not looked on favourably, but even then, when a building is firebombed or somebody gets shot and is hauled away in an ambulance, cops get to ask some questions. Most of us, when assaulted or robbed, call the cops. If nothing else, you can’t make an insurance claim if you don’t.

        • dwgs 13:33 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          Also Ephraim it stands to reason that if most crimes go unreported (which is possible), then it stands to reason that an increase in reported crime would correspond with an increase in unreported crime as well. I have no idea what is actually going on but that particular argument is easy to debunk.

        • Ephraim 14:24 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          @Kate – Well, even the government of Canada says that 40% of crimes aren’t reported… https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/msrng-xtnt/index-en.aspx

          But you also know that when assault/rape crimes went up a few years ago, the police blamed the ME TOO “movement” for the increase, themselves saying that it wasn’t up, just reporting was up. So, you can’t have it both ways. Either this is reported crime or it’s crime. But we know that there is LOTS of crime that isn’t reported. When you have CC fraud, the bank just makes you sign a document… not reported. Someone steals your flower pot in front of your house… no reported. Grandpa gets scammed for $100… generally not reported. A financial planner churns stock, generally never reported. Heck, you run a red light and don’t get caught… crime… not reported. Most people don’t report a mugging. Rape is one of the worst ones. Women report more than men because men are ashamed. And it’s even worse without the 2SLGTBQIA+ community. Someone steals a bicycle, is it reported 100% of the time? Someone vandalizes your home, your car, your garage door, the seat on your bicycle… is it reported? They spray painted my garage… I cleaned it, didn’t report it… definitely a crime.

        • Ephraim 14:30 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          @dwgs – No way to check if there is or isn’t really a correlation between crime and reported crime because… we have no way to really check. There must be some correlation, but many things can affect it. But there is a correlation between hiring police and reported crime…


          But who’s reporting the crime of illegal drug use? Or is it only reported when caught by the police? Do people self report? No. That’s why we should be clear that the statistics are reported crime, because we can’t really know how much crime there really is.

          And in severe cases, companies intentionally cover up crime. For example, I know of a case of cheque kiting against one of the major banks. The banks pursued people civilly, but never reported the crime, because they don’t want it known that they were ripped off. The same with CC fraud, the banks don’t want a police report, don’t force you to get one. Heck, they hardly even pursue it. The people paying 20+% interest are covering the cost.

      • Kate 09:52 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

        There was a scramble Monday after an alleged child kidnapping attempt in Outremont, but TVA says the report was baseless.

        • Meezly 13:29 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

          I think what has been frustrating for parents who live near that area is that the police confirmed that no kidnapping took place, and the media made it seem like a false alarm.

          Reports have been unclear on whether there was an actual attempt to lure a child, which is what parents want to know, for obvious reasons.

      • Kate 09:50 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

        At a loss for any other focus, Ensemble is clinging onto parking as a proven populist cause after city hall tried to extend paid parking hours on some streets.

        Yes, I see this story as connected to the previous post about greenhouse gases. We’re doomed when every move the city makes to try to reduce car usage is gleefully countered by a party with no environmental conscience.

        • Kate 09:39 on 2023-05-09 Permalink | Reply  

          The city’s second climate summit opens Tuesday, but at the same time, a recent report shows that its greenhouse gas emissions are rising. The dip during the period of pandemic lockdown was real, but temporary, and the city’s stated plan to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030 is clearly a pipe dream.

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