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  • Kate 19:37 on 2023-05-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro says reports of graffiti went up by 237% between 2019 and 2022, notably in Ville‑Marie and the Plateau. Journo rounds it out with the inevitable Ensemble pearl‑clutching about how dreadful everything is.

    I’m becoming curious how this works. Does Ensemble bombard all editors with demands that their view be heard? Are all journalism students so inculcated with the concept that their articles must include “balance” that they shove it in, even when the “balance” is content‑free and includes no insights or solutions?

    Also, I notice here something I’m making an effort to notice, which is that a lot of stories are now being written about various local conditions and situations while totally ignoring the massive fact that we’re gradually emerging from three years of a pandemic – a pandemic which is not over, even if the worldwide emergency has been declared done by the WHO. People are already forgetting the huge wave of social stresses we’ve just lived through, and that you can’t fairly analyze a lot of situations without taking it into account. Like, for example, how it might bear on people expressing themselves through graffiti.

    • MarcG 08:19 on 2023-05-15 Permalink

      To your first question I think that ‘content’ is the key word, not ‘balance’. They include it because it adds easily to the word count.

      To the second point I think we’re looking at society-level PTSD denial.

    • Chris 09:49 on 2023-05-15 Permalink

      “>…we’re gradually emerging from three years of a pandemic…

      I notice you’re speaking in the present tense. Different people of course emerged at different rates, some long ago, some haven’t yet. Which means different people are at different points in the stages of grief. But the bulk of people, from what I see around me, have processed it already.

      MarcG, in denial of what? I doubt anyone is in denial that pandemic curfews, unemployment, and idleness could result in more graffiti.

      Perhaps the article didn’t speculate as to causes for the increase simply because there’s probably no hard evidence for any hypothesis, so they chose just to stick to the facts they could report (and opinions of politicians, idiotic or otherwise).

  • Kate 13:21 on 2023-05-14 Permalink | Reply  

    A federal byelection will be held next month in NDG-Westmount to replace Marc Garneau, who left politics in March.

    • H. John 14:59 on 2023-05-14 Permalink

      That should be NDG-Westmount.

      It’s amazing how touchy people are about the names of their ridings (or more specifically the names of their territory not being included in the full name of their riding). Marlene Jennings had to constantly deal with complaints from people living in Dorval that their City’s name was not part of the then riding name of NDG-Lachine.

      Names take up an extraordinary amount of time before the Redistribution Commissions and Parliament. The current commission has decided:

      “The Commission decided to modify slightly the names of both electoral districts: the electoral district of Dorval—Lachine—LaSalle becomes Lachine—Dorval (thus avoiding repetition of the borough name of LaSalle) and the electoral district of LaSalle—Émard—Verdun becomes LaSalle—Verdun (thus sparing the name of a city that has been annexed to the City of Montréal for over 100 years). “

      The proposed changes, which come into effect around May of next year, led to MP’s showing up to argue before a Parliamentary Committee that “Lasalle” should remain in the names of the two ridings, and David Lametti argued that Émard had to remain in his riding’s name. The parliamentary committee will write its report and send it to the commission; but the final decision remains the commission’s.

      There wasn’t a major change in population on the island with the exception of Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Sœurs which increased by 30.5%. Under the current proposal, which will be finalized in the fall, parts of that riding will be transferred to Outremont and NDG-Westmount.

    • Kate 18:19 on 2023-05-14 Permalink

      Thanks for the deets, H. John.

      But a lot of ridings have names that don’t relate to any other nomenclature. Federally I’m in Papineau, which admittedly does include a few blocks of that street, but provincially it’s Laurier-Dorion although it doesn’t contain any part of a street named Laurier, nor is it anywhere near Dorion.

      I’m sure this can confuse people. When I’ve worked for elections, a few times we’ve had people show up to vote who were not only at the wrong polling station, but in the wrong riding.

    • Nicholas 11:35 on 2023-05-15 Permalink

      Laurier-Dorion follows the unfortunate (mostly) Quebec tradition of naming ridings after people (here, two prime ministers). It causes confusion in a number of ways. I would much prefer geographic names.

  • Kate 09:24 on 2023-05-14 Permalink | Reply  

    A beauty salon on the ground floor of the massive 555 Chabanel West building was firebombed Sunday morning.

    • shawn 12:09 on 2023-05-14 Permalink

      I was wondering if the recent arrest of one firebomber (New LaSalle Pizzeria) would slow things down. Guess not.

  • Kate 09:16 on 2023-05-14 Permalink | Reply  

    François Legault says moving day will go well this year because everything’s fine. Housing critics don’t agree.

    But Legault just got the massive confidence of his party, so we haven’t seen the last of this Duplessis de nos jours.

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