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  • Kate 23:36 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

    TVA briefly visits a tent encampment in St‑Henri. Earlier this week, they reported on a fire in a tent pitched downtown behind Guy‑Favreau.

    • Kate 16:35 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

      Quebec has a plan to reduce greenhouse gases but it still only means hitting 60% of the original target intended for 2030.

      • Kate 12:52 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

        For some years now, Jeanne Mance has been recorded as a co‑founder of Montreal alongside Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve. This year is the 350th anniversary of her death. A new documentary which traces Mance’s history back to France will be shown at the little museum next to Hôtel‑Dieu.

        • Orr 23:35 on 2023-05-22 Permalink

          that little museum next to Hôtel‑Dieu also has the exhibition on Mont Royal (Notre montagne. Mémoires du mont Royal) which seems interesting.
          It’s on my list of places to visit this summer.

      • Kate 12:48 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

        Where can MBC be shopping? There’s service in French everywhere, but somehow when MBC goes out he only encounters English. Is he sure he didn’t touch down in Toronto?

        • Joey 13:07 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          You’ve got to be a special kind of asshole to blame some language-choice nonsense as an excuse not to tip your Uber Eats driver. What a loser.

        • Kate 13:46 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          I think it’s been obvious for a long time that MBC falls into that special category.

        • John B 14:20 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          Maybe it’s because a**holes recognize a**holes when they see them and antagonize them?

          Also, I can’t remember last time I had a long enough conversation with a delivery driver to know if they were bilingual or not, if he’s learning the language habits of Uber Eats drivers maybe it’s because he’s intentionally having a longer conversation than needed to stir up trouble, (and make people who are trying to make a living feel like crap).

        • Kate 15:05 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          John B, that crossed my mind after I posted. Aside from saying “bonsoir” or “merci” to a delivery guy – and there isn’t always even the opportunity for that – I’ve never had a conversation with any of them. And all of them can say “bonsoir” or “bienvenue”.

          Also, while I’ve never used UberEats, I’ve occasionally used Doordash or Skipthedishes, and in both of those cases, you set a percentage tip in advance, you don’t hand it over on delivery – and especially not after a language screening.

        • Joey 15:15 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          Uber Eats is basically the same (somewhat more elaborate back-end, I gather) – most of the drivers do multiple apps, anyhow. If you don’t tip enough when you order no driver will agree to pick up your food…

          Anyway, if there were any truth to the ‘experiences’ that stirred this article, I imagine MBC would’ve been happy to out the businesses. This paint-by-numbers made-up BS.

        • jeather 15:39 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          I’ve occasionally had drivers contact me to tell me there is traffic, but I’m pretty sure we spoke in French. And my name is as anglo as it gets.

          I believe all the apps allow you to edit your tip after delivery in either direction. But maybe they changed that.

        • qatzelok 16:20 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          It’s a clickbait piece with many thoughtful comments in the comments section.

          Kate, you must admire MBC’s way of extracting good comments from his readers, no?

        • Kate 16:29 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          I’m just swooning with admiration, qatzelok.

        • jeather 19:12 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          I admit that of his three stories (“employees all only say hi, not bonjour or even bonjour-hi”, “they are aggressively choosing not to speak French though they are fluent”, “I am a jerk to my delivery drivers and remove the tips”) one of them does strike me as believable.

        • shawn 21:03 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          Interesting that he said he was back in town because I’m pretty sure I passed him on Saint Joseph near Parc Avenue like two days ago. Pretty miserable looking guy.

        • Kate 00:09 on 2023-05-20 Permalink

          I think for some people “just back in town” could encompass two days.

          He was probably trying to decide whether he’s more miserable about the use of English in Paris or in Montreal.

          If I recognized him in the street i’d be so tempted to put on a bright smile and say “GOOD afternoon, Mister B-C!”

        • Uatu 14:03 on 2023-05-20 Permalink

          Yeah I’d do the same, Kate just for laughs to see him fume with indignation and I’d probably be in his next column about the visible minority who dared say “hi” hahaha

        • shawn 14:58 on 2023-05-20 Permalink

          It is my life’s mission not to end up in the Journal de Montréal and so I’m glad I didn’t. He seemed to be running something over miserably in his mind as I passed him on the sidewalk and I felt strangely empathetic with him, for the first time ever,

        • Kate 19:42 on 2023-05-20 Permalink

          Well hi Mathieu, what’s on your mind?

      • Kate 12:33 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

        The city says it has filled 111,000 potholes this season.

      • Kate 09:20 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

        Long weekend lists: CityCrunch, Metro, CultMTL.

        And the highways to avoid on the long weekend.

        Sounds like a rainy couple of days coming.

        Open and closed for the Monday holiday.

        • shawn 11:38 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          Pedestrianization of Mount Royal Avenue kicks off tomorrow, I see.

        • James 13:24 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          NDG porchfest saturday and sunday. Great way to meet your neighbours and listen to music !

        • Nicholas 18:06 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          Shawn, the pedestrianization started this past Monday. Still some terrasses to construct, but otherwise good to go.

        • Kate 21:25 on 2023-05-20 Permalink

          Pedestrianization was official as of Saturday but full pedestrianization takes a few days to set up.

      • Kate 09:08 on 2023-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

        It isn’t only Montreal that finds itself short of the revenue it needs – Toronto and Vancouver are in the same boat. Maintaining infrastructure, dealing with the housing crisis and finding ways to help the homeless are all high on their needs lists. The Radio‑Canada writer finds plenty of people – including Doug Ford – prepared to say cities have to cut back, rather than helping them find ways to raise more funds.

        Why do our provincial governments hate their big cities so much?

        • jeather 11:41 on 2023-05-19 Permalink

          Because due to gerrymandering they don’t have as much voting power as they deserve?

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