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  • Kate 20:11 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

    A woman was killed Wednesday when hit by a car in Snowdon. A second pedestrian was injured.

    • Kate 19:50 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

      The mayor has made a plea against cigarette butts. Attempts have been made before to install public ashtrays and get smokers to use them, but it’s a hard sell. Watch any smoker throw their butt on the ground – it’s usually done with a gesture of disgust. That person has had their hit and doesn’t want to think about it any more. Now it’s someone else’s problem.

      • Jonathan 09:34 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        I would say it’s a small few of very heavy smokers who are responsible. Most smokers I see put out their butts and awkwardly try and find somewhere to dispose of it properly.

      • Meezly 09:49 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        I disagree. When I was taking the bus regularly, I remember early spring/late winter when the snow melts revealing all the hidden crud of the city, including countless cigarette butts encased in dirty ice. Ciggie butts are still concentrated at bus stops, bar entrances, the sidewalk in front of apartment buildings, grassy parks, etc. I’m always coming across butts on the grass at Parc Jeanne Mance.

        What’s really disgusting are cigarette butts on the beach. There are good citizens doing beach clean up collecting garbage bags full of butts.

        If dog walkers can carry poo bags when they’re out, smokers should be carrying portable ashtrays with them. It really should be the next hot trend.

      • EG 10:40 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        Considering the number of poo bags I see just lying around, it seems quite a few dog walkers are as bad as smokers throwing butts on the ground.

      • Ian 17:19 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        As neither a smoker nor a dog owner, I would way rather see, smell, or step in cigarette debris than dogshit. There are fewer smokers every year, too – bit seemingly more and more poorly trained dogs, especially since covid.

      • EG 17:26 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        And maybe more poorly-trained dog owners as well. Though dog owners have been leaving those dogshit bags around before the pandemic as well.
        There’s a sports centre near me and there’s a line of spruce trees in back of it. You wouldn’t believe how many bags of dog poo get thrown under those trees.

      • dhomas 19:24 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        What I don’t understand is if you go to the trouble to pick up the poop in a bag, why stop halfway and throw the bag somewhere it doesn’t belong? At that point, just leave the shit where the dog made it, no?

      • walkerp 07:59 on 2023-06-09 Permalink

        dhomas, it’s because they are far away from a trash receptacle and don’t want to carry around a bag of poop. Some people put them down with the intent of picking them up on the way out (if it is a loop trail). Sometimes they do actually pick them up on the way out.

      • EG 08:57 on 2023-06-09 Permalink

        I think the “logic” behind people leaving the poo bags around is that if your dog poops, that takes at least a few seconds, and people are going to easily notice if you don’t pick it up in a bag. Whereas leaving a poo bag on the ground only takes a second and can be done quickly so nobody will see that it’s you who’s doing it.
        Not making excuses, just trying to understand why people might do that.

    • Kate 19:25 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

      A man from Ontario has been arrested and charged with murder in the killing of Claudia Iacono last month.

      • walkerp 08:48 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        Have to hand it to them, quick work by the investigators in what could have been a difficult investigation. We’ll be curious to see what more they reveal in the coming weeks. Quite horrible.

      • Kate 09:59 on 2023-06-08 Permalink

        The grim thing is it has to have been a business deal. That imported assassin probably had nothing personal against Iacono or her family, but was offered a flat fee for the job.

    • Kate 16:17 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

      City hall’s environment rep Marie-Andrée Mauger reminds us here that Montreal too could have a forest fire if things went badly. There was a big brush fire as recently as a month ago in Rivière‑des‑Prairies, for example.

      Our smoke is big news. Photos in the Atlantic, live reports from the BBC. Meanwhile, Environment Canada has ended the smog warning for the Montreal area.

      • shawn 16:39 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

        I’m on Mastodon a lot, following the posts and images out of NYC. Amazing/scary stuff.

      • DeWolf 17:06 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

        Somehow it’s much worse in NYC than it was here.

      • Blork 21:07 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

        The New York Times has an animated smoke map that shows the smoke moving south through Ottawa and Toronto but sort of dekeing around us. Then it curves to the east and concentrates over NYC. Quite the effect.

    • Kate 10:57 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

      The people who’ve been camping under the Ville-Marie will probably be evicted on June 15 as foreordained.

      • Kate 09:45 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

        With a little rain, the air is clearer Wednesday than it was yesterday, but the smog warning continues on the Environment Canada site.

        Maxime Bernier says the forest fires have been set on purpose by green terrorists trying to make a point about global warming. And there are those who believe him.

        • Ephraim 11:13 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          Maxime Bernier is the real reason we know that the ministry of education has failed some people and we need to ask the question of how we can do better to avoid this in the future.

        • dwgs 11:44 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          Maxime Bernier must have done way too many drugs back when he was hanging out with biker chicks.

        • jeather 11:59 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          I’ve been following two sites for smoke/smog warnings, the real time air quality index and the smoke forecast. It looks like the worst of the smoke is heading west of us.

        • MarcG 12:09 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          Yeah it seems like we’re getting lucky with the wind. Here’s another site that shows the PM2.5 value https://www.iqair.com/ca/canada/quebec/montreal.

        • Su 12:57 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          Maxime is once again in agreement with a Vladimir Putin narrative

        • Mr.Chinaski 13:16 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          a lot of conspiracies going on for 15-minute cities and forest fires. I have no idea why, but do even know themselves?

        • Meezly 14:00 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          Our relations in NY can’t stop reporting to us how hazy/smoky/orangey it’s been since yesterday.

          Love how all the US news sites keep pointing out it’s the CANADIAN wildfires that are causing all that poor air quality in pristine America.

        • shawn 14:04 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          This relatively new (2021?) Canadian site has a great animated map, as well as other things https://firesmoke.ca

        • thomas 14:59 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          Surely these current forest fires have ties to the ice storm we faced two months ago, which left a trail of fallen branches and trees—ready fuel for these flames. Could this pattern of extreme weather events be setting off a chain reaction, each incident influencing the next in ways we can’t predict?

        • Kate 15:00 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          thomas, that’s a good point I haven’t seen raised anywhere.

        • shawn 16:06 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          No, that ice storm hit southern Quebec and Ontario. These fires are much further north.

        • thomas 17:00 on 2023-06-07 Permalink

          @shawn I might be mistaken, but I thought the ice storm reached up to Val d’Or only not widely reported as it didn’t affect as many people.

      • Kate 09:15 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

        A nail salon in Westmount was firebombed early Wednesday.

        • Kate 08:57 on 2023-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

          Mosques and synagogues have been putting tighter security in place in response to a rise in hate crimes. A good Radio‑Canada examination of the situation here, with comparisons to the situation across Canada and elsewhere.

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