Speaking of things in sidewalks…

Speaking of things in sidewalks, I have a poser for my readers.

I live on a typical Villeray side street, with light poles in the sidewalk at reasonable distances apart.

One of these lights has been out for a long time, creating a pool of darkness on my side. The immediate neighbourhood has a Facebook page, and neighbours have noted that emailing the borough and calling 311 hasn’t worked.

I also emailed them and got the same mysterious reply (in English!) that others have received in French: “Unfortunately, we cannot follow up on the request for the reason below: This request is under the responsibility of an organization other than the city. For more information, call 311.”

This light pole is placed in the sidewalk, same as all the others on the block. The pole is the same model as the rest, it isn’t inside the property line and there are no obvious anomalies in the layout there.

We can’t figure out why one lamp would be under someone else’s responsibility and, if so, who it could be.

What do we try next?