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  • Kate 20:32 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    CTV reports on a man claiming his grandfather’s tombstone is missing from Notre‑Dame‑des‑Neiges.

    I very much doubt it was made off with by thieves. As noted in this discussion on the blog from March this year, sometimes the contract runs out and the cemetery legally removes a headstone. The article says the man had not been there since 2015 and if his situation is like mine, his name and contact info are not connected with the grave by the NDN office.

    The other possibility is that he made a mistake over the number or couldn’t find it. I’ve done a certain amount of sleuthing up there for myself and others. While the plots and stones are all numbered, they’re not always in order. Sometimes the sequence breaks off, then resumes somewhere else that isn’t obvious.

    I recall some accounts of thefts in the cemeteries here, but these have been of notable statuary on grand gravesites. Nobody is going to steal an ordinary block of gray granite.

    • JS 09:35 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

      I was wandering near the maintenance section of the NDN cemetery a few years ago, and in a forested section down a hill behind it there were a bunch of discarded tombstones. I can’t remember exactly but I don’t think they were that old.

    • Orr 20:08 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

      In tombstone related items, I paid to have my great-great grandparents, great-grandparents, and grandmother’s tombstone (located in a rural-Quebec graveyard) straightened and cleaned.
      My partner was really not into a rural Quebec village graveyard so we have a plot on top of Mont Royal. I’d say I’m looking forward to being up there, but…

    • Ian 11:14 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

      There’s no way I could ever afford a plot on the mountain but I’m donating my body to science – there’s at least a collective memorial for people who have done so in Mt-Royal cemetery.

      I’d rather be part of the bucket of knuckles for anatomy classes than stuck in the dirt in rural Quebec.

    • Kate 12:40 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

      Ian, I was interested in the recent news about an ecological cemetery opening in Ste‑Sophie, but there wasn’t anything about the cost.

      Orr, this is one of the stones in my family. It’s in Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. Two of my great-great-grandparents are buried here. I inquired into the cost of pulling the stone up and resetting it, but it would cost a minimum $2000 and I don’t have the cash to spare for the purpose.

      I would not be buried in this spot anyway.

  • Kate 20:18 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    A year ago, SPVM police shot a man dead on Nuns’ Island – this is how it was reported at the time – but little clarification has emerged about why police decided to shoot him. The new report makes it clear that Ronny Kay was not a criminal and mentions no history of violent or irrational behaviour.

    • Ian 20:59 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

      “We don’t believe calling for more policing is the answer,” said Chiu. “We really need social-service intervention. We need mental health services and we need services for addiction.”

      That sounds like part of the big, big conversation about defunding the police that never happened, and instead we have MORE cops on the street – and still underfunded social services.

  • Kate 20:12 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    A program copied from Glasgow to try to convince young people that violent crime is bad, aye? has been given $2 million by the province and the city.

    • Ian 21:41 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

      Jeez and we don’t even have the Glasgow kiss or spaghetti razors…

  • Kate 18:25 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Professors of feminism at two universities are called on to disapprove of a new beer called “La bonne élève” which has 0.5% alcohol and sports the logo of UQÀM. The reporter looks back at other beers which have ruffled feminist feathers, like Chipie and La petite pute.

    This is one way to get your products into the news.

    • MarcG 20:50 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

      The entire Archibald marketing campaign degrades women.

    • DeWolf 18:47 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

      @MarcG I’ve never had an Archibald beer because of that. It’s outrageous.

    • carswell 19:18 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

      I too have avoided their beers because of the branding. Just made a first and last visit to their website and see they have a restaurant chain and one of the outlets is in Montreal, at Dorval airport to be precise. Apparently authorities are cool with sexism and its purveyors. As the article Kate linked to notes, Archibald is now owned by Labatt.

      Somewhat off-topic but my longstanding local favourite, St. Ambroise Pale Ale, has suddenly disappeared from store shelves in my part of CDN. Used to be two deps, a grocery store and a green grocer carried it (BoniSoir once did but dropped it years ago), now none of them do, though the grocery store stocks the grapefruit IPA, which I can’t drink. Haven’t been out and about enough to see if this is a problem elsewhere but it’s damn frustrating.

    • Kate 17:43 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

      carswell, have you emailed St-Ambroise to ask? That beer is their flagship product, maybe there’s a story why it’s not available?

    • carswell 17:50 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

      Was planning to, Kate, and, having just finished my summer of hell (10 to 14-hour workdays, including most weekends, since early May) by delivering my last big contract, I may have time to. Will post back here if I have any news to report.

  • Kate 14:36 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    The city has a policy of protecting rooming houses by buying them, but La Presse find real estate people to say the city is inflating the market by paying too much.

    • Ephraim 15:54 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

      It’s going to happen anyway. They might as well not worry about it. We need them, desperately.

  • Kate 14:31 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    (This article is being linked through 12ft.io, so you need to scroll down past the linkage stuff to get to it.)

    Why is the Journal framing this story about the decrepit Dickson incinerator building as the mayor’s fault? It also calls the structure a “bâtiment patrimonial” which, if it is, so is every ruin in the city.

    The article does say the building’s been empty for 30 years, so that certainly cannot be put to Mayor Plante’s account.

  • Kate 14:22 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Playwright David Fennario has died. Known for Balconville, he was 76.

    Updated: CBC has a piece with a little more background and some accolades.

    • Ian 22:33 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

      RIP. When I first moved to Montreal and my French got good enough this was one of the first things I read from here besides newspapers. Even in St Henri in the 90s it resonated profoundly.

    • nau 15:18 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

      Even when I read Balconville in the early noughties living in a sixplex in the the avenues in Verdun, it still felt relevant. On the Job and Nothing to Lose are good too. I didn’t manage to see Condoville while it was on at the Centaur. Too bad it’s never been published.

    • Orr 22:49 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

      Balconville will endure, At the UQAM design school year-end exhibition one exhibit was called Balconville and presented quite an array of balconville-type structures.

  • Kate 08:54 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    A body was pulled out of the river on Sunday afternoon, but no details are given except that it was a man.

    • Kate 08:50 on 2023-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

      A report from the city’s public health department says no to a gaming centre near the Bell Centre – essentially an electronic casino, dreamed up by Loto‑Quebec, which is miming being shocked at meeting such opposition.

      It’s not made clear here whether public health has the power to stop the plan.

      • Uatu 10:32 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

        Enough of the gambling already. Every televised sports event is inundated with ads for online gambling and bookies etc. It’s sickening

      • Nicholas 11:05 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

        I figured I was going to hate this, but it does say it will on net remove 500 (LP) or 600 (CTV) VLTs, apparently 20% of the number on the island. Better would be to not create this new location and also to remove those VLTs (and more), but having all these under one roof, where at least theoretically people can be watched for problem gambling and help can be offered, seems better than having them near people’s homes at your local bar. Neighbourhood VLTs can be really bad, as my favourite piece on the subject shows. But it’s a tricky balance: lots of people love to gamble, and so you want to make it difficult, but not so difficult that they turn to organized crime. Sort of like alcohol.

      • Bob 13:27 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

        @Nicholas – Ha! And it’s better to have people gather in huge government bars to drink because the government will then – theoretically – keep an eye on alcoholism.

      • Ian 21:44 on 2023-09-18 Permalink

        I’m definitely willing to pay the premium to go to more upscale bars with no VLTs. I used to prefer old man dive bars but all the VLTs and getting rid of smoking on a terrasse ruined that vibe.

        Not that I smoke anymore or play VLTs, but the end of genuine dive bars is a real loss, Montreal used to be rich in them.

      • DeWolf 16:56 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

        @Ian Italian bars are a nice middle ground. Social Club, Bruno, Conca d’Oro…

      • carswell 17:12 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

      • carswell 17:14 on 2023-09-19 Permalink

        (Meant to write “axing” but sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own.)

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