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  • Kate 23:16 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

    A young man was stabbed in St-Michel Wednesday evening, and is in critical condition.

    • Kate 21:03 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

      Hampstead and TMR have launched challenges to parts of the new language law, for all the good it will do them. Technically they’re both already allowed to provide services in both languages.

      • Kate 21:01 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

        Two women injured by a reversing vehicle in a parking lot last month have died.

        • Kate 17:54 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

          24 Heures did some calculations to figure out when buying a transit pass is cheaper than relying on individual tickets or blocks of 10.

          • Kate 17:41 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

            Covid is back in Quebec with 1135 people currently hospitalized with the virus.

            • MarcG 09:43 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

              It never went away for the 311 Quebecers who died, or the 4000+ who went to hospital, between May and September.

            • Kate 10:23 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

              Perhaps I should have written Covid is surging back? Something like that.

          • Kate 17:10 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

            Quebec is prepared to countenance a downtown casino if it also means removing a lot of other VLTs around town, and doing no publicity for it.

            • Kate 11:43 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

              A research report out Wednesday says that the presence of police in the city’s “escouades mixtes” – teams that include a cop and a social worker, an approach launched in 2009 – is detrimental to the stated aim, making it hard for people to trust them.

              The report’s authors make a plea for teams that don’t include any police.

              • Ian 10:12 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                Narcotics users don’t trust narcotics officers, more news at 11.

                I know I’m sounding like a broken record but there is no reason for the police to be responsible for everything – and if they are used that way, it takes away funding from more appropriate alternatives.

            • Kate 11:19 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

              Seeing notifications about a protest and counter‑protest downtown between some “freedom” convoy people protesting LGBTQ2+ rights re trans children, and people resisting them. Photo kyped from a regular reader’s Mastodon account (will pull this or give credit if requested). No mainstream media reports yet.

              CTV has a video report explaining the Canada‑wide protests but not specifically about the local demo, and La Presse writes about the planned protests.

              • carswell 11:26 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                Wish I’d known about this beforehand. Would be there alongside them (them not being the Freedom Convoy idiots).

              • EmilyG 12:03 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                I wanted to go to the anti-hate counter-protest, but I ended up having health issues. I hope there was a good turnout for the counter-protest.

              • Kate 12:29 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                CBC news said at noon that the counter-protest was bigger and that the police were keeping them apart.

              • mare 13:25 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                I’m in this picture and indeed, ‘we’ outnumbered them. It was weird, a lot of anti-trans protesters were Muslim families with kids that were outfitted with prefabricated signs, almost all in English. There were also a few white nationalists waving big Canadian and Quebec flags, but they stayed far away from the perimeter. Lots of (riot) police but no incidents. Lots of press with cameras (CBC, Radio-Canada, TVA) but it was still ongoing when I left at noon.

              • Meezly 13:40 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                I was curious about that as I saw photos of families with signs saying “Leave our kids alone”. It seems the FB Group (based in Calgary?) called YYC Muslims is mostly behind the rallying of concerned Muslim parents.

                It shouldn’t be all that surprising since there’s a lot of ideological common ground among organized monotheistic religions like Islam and Christianity. Obvs, it goes without saying these anti trans protesters are not representative of all Christians and Muslims.

              • mare 13:42 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                This was actually only a about a third of the counter demo. Most people were actually to the left of this shot, in front of the Roddick gates, and weren’t aware there was another counterprotest at the other end on President-Kennedy

                At a certain point it was a layer cake with a very large base layer of counter-protesters on Sherbrooke, two thin layers of police, a small filling of protesters, another two thin layers of police (left on this photo), a layer of counter-protesters and a large overflowing topping of protesters on President-Kennedy (centre on this photo).

              • walkerp 14:07 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                I applaud you, counter-protestors. Great work.

              • GC 15:13 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                It’s definitely hard to tell the proportions in this shot, but it seems safe to assume that the ones with rainbow flags, at least, are counter-protestors.

                It’s a positive if the counter-protestors outnumbered the others, at least. And bonus points if both sides avoided any physical altercations.

              • Orr 07:45 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                Worth remembering that this is “the thin edge of the wedge” for these religious extremists and they also want being gay to be illegal, no gay marriage, believe gay people can be converted to straight, want abortion criminalized, want divorce to stop being a thing, and are against birth control/contraception, sex without marriage, and for sex within marriage for reproduction only. The “it’s ok with us if women die because abortion is illegal” crowd. Extremists.

              • Kate 09:13 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                And yet this is characterized as wanting freedom.

              • Ian 10:59 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                I’m also really saddened that I didn’t hear about this beforehand. I would have joined the ranks of the counter-protestors in a heartbeat. Where was it publicized?

              • EmilyG 11:21 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                There was a Facebook event for the counter-protest. Linking it here for reference: https://www.facebook.com/events/7126573000703326/

                I also wish the counter-protest was better publicized. Though I’m glad to hear it had a good turnout.

              • Kate 12:16 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                I didn’t see anything about it, but it’s not really my cause.

                I think the counter‑protest was rustled up primarily at the universities.

              • Meezly 12:28 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                @Orr, I believe it’s important to be aware that many people who are anti-trans do not always have extremist views. They can be conservative, liberal, gay, feminist, etc. My SIL is a generally liberal-minded person with some TERFish beliefs (to our chagrin). There are a couple of acquaintances who I thought were fairly open-minded and educated until they got to spouting off some conspiracy theories and transphobic views. I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them had joined in on the 1MM4 March.

              • Ian 09:44 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

                other extremist views. Being anti-trans is an extremist view by itself. TERFs, for instance, are a good example of this.

            • Kate 08:56 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

              McGill University somehow got permission to gut several row houses on Pine Avenue which were “designed by the Maxwell brothers, Edward and William Sutherland Maxwell, who were among the most influential architects in Canada.” They’re going to tack the façades onto a new building for a sports facility.

              “Row houses” is a reductive way to describe the buildings being desecrated, but that’s what she wrote.

              • Meezly 09:32 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                Couldn’t help but wonder if they used some of that $21M donation to bribe officials…

              • Paul 13:38 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                Not an architect, but I don’t think keeping 40% of the building can be labeled as ‘facadism’. Regardless, they received approvals through the formal process which is apparently not an easy thing to do.

              • bob 18:25 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                I wonder how much there is to save inside them. I was in one of them once and it was not exactly preserved to begin with, renovated into offices decades ago. And I’ve been in many other McGill and Concordia buildings that were posh homes once, and long ago renovated into institutional spaces. There are a few notable exceptions, mainly the super-posh ones. But most of what was worth preserving has been gone for a long time. In any case, all most people will ever see of these buildings, if anything, is the facade.

              • Kate 22:00 on 2023-09-20 Permalink

                Things like stained glass panels and woodwork were probably made off with long ago, but the interior structure of those houses seems a shame to lose. McGill will do what McGill wants to do, though.

              • Paul 08:59 on 2023-09-21 Permalink

                “McGill will do what McGill wants to do, though.”
                Not exactly. McGill will do what the Ministry of Culture and the City of Montreal approve. I imagine if they had free reign, it would be a very different project.

            • Kate 08:51 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

              The city has come out on the side of preserving lease transfers, which are set to be abolished under the CAQ’s Bill 31.

              • Kate 08:42 on 2023-09-20 Permalink | Reply  

                St-Léonard has a soccer field over which they’ve been accustomed to install a dome in wintertime so kids can continue to play. Now the borough says it can’t afford to do that any more, while the city is urging them to do so. Seven hundred kids use the facility.

                In other news, the city was recently reported as trying to find ways to persuade young people that there’s more to life than turning to violent crime for kicks. Sports are a classic means of doing this, so it’s odd to read one day that they’re working on this, and the next, that a sports facility can’t be used because of money.

                Nobody is running a photo of this huge soccer dome. I’m picturing it as a giant Tempo.

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