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  • Kate 21:27 on 2023-09-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Service stations have been closing around town, leaving the problem of empty lots full of contaminated soil.

    • Ian 08:16 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      I remember when the old Petro-Canada at the corner of Fairmont and Parc was dug out so they could build condoes on the site. It was an impressivley deep hole for a site with such a small apparent street footprint. Decontaminating fuel spillage is no joke.

    • Joey 08:19 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      When I was a kid, there was a Sunoco station nearby that was decommissioned and vacant for a long while before a cafe was built on top of it. More recently, I learned that it’s not uncommon for ordinary underground gas spills to travel quite far – seeping into basements as far as a couple of hundred meters away.

    • DeWolf 10:46 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      It’s interesting to watch these market dynamics play out. As far as I can tell, Montreal and other cities don’t have any specific policies discouraging gas stations, but they’re dropping like flies because the economics don’t really make sense in central areas. There aren’t any gas stations left downtown, only on the periphery.

      Because they are usually very well located, they can have a big impact on the surroundings when they’re redeveloped. The condo building at Park and Fairmount that Ian mentioned really anchors the corner and generates a lot of activity. Same goes for the Place des Fleurs du macadam on Mont-Royal – a perfect spot for a public plaza, given how well-used it has been since opening.

    • Ian 18:30 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      The Jean Coutu and SAQ contribute more than the condos but its certainly better than the run down gas station and a KFC that were there.

    • Ephraim 11:37 on 2023-09-26 Permalink

      I thought that under Quebec law you aren’t allowed to sell the land until it has been decontaminated. And from what I read, they truck that land to Ontario to dump, because it’s too expensive to deal with in Quebec.

      The corner of Pine and St-Denis, where there used to be an Esso station https://maps.app.goo.gl/7ijyZ2b3wMGqvhv77 is almost fully built up as condos, now. Closed in 2011/2012

  • Kate 21:24 on 2023-09-24 Permalink | Reply  

    A minor earthquake was recorded at 20:04 Sunday in the east end, and up into Lanaudière and parts of the Montérégie. It registered at 3.4 on a scale to 9.

    I admit I didn’t feel a thing.

    • JP 23:13 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      I’m in Ahuntsic and was sitting in my basement when I felt it. I heard it more than felt it really. It sounded like/felt similar to the vibrations that happen when snow is being removed in the winter.

    • Mitchell 06:20 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      Felt it in Snowdon/Cote des Neiges.

  • Kate 13:16 on 2023-09-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Somebody in Park Ex is determined not to see the bike path materialize on Querbes, circulating the document above in six languages, but the borough mayor remains determined.

    • carswell 13:43 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Half expecting sabotage (e.g. scattering broken glass on the path) if the city goes ahead and puts the path in.

      That said, DeWolf’s proposal is such a sensible compromise, I’m surprised (well, not really) that Projet hasn’t taken note.

    • Kate 14:48 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      This is the comment from DeWolf that you mean? We’ve had a few threads on this topic.

    • carswell 15:00 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      No, Kate. It was one in which he suggested turning Querbes into a one-way street.

    • carswell 15:04 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      (Hoping I’m not misremembering.)

    • Kate 15:19 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

    • carswell 15:50 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Thanks, Kate.

      Sensible because it would provide separated bike paths, eliminate fewer parking spaces, address concerns raised by big families and people with reduced mobility issues and make the street safer for everyone, especially children and the less mobile. It’d probably also make the neighbourhood quieter and less polluted.

      Plus it would save face and reduce tensions on both sides. Some drivers would still object to losing a thoroughfare but they’d be an easily ignored minority. And the city could legitimately argue that it’s responding to locals’ concerns.

      Projet should bear in mind the Terrebonne bike path debacle in NDG.

    • Chris 16:56 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Removing parking is not a bug, it’s a feature.

    • Ian 17:13 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Tell it to Tomlinson 😉

    • Kate 18:17 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Lajeunesse north of de Castelnau also suggests a possible solution. It’s a one‑way street with a separated bike path, but with parking on both sides of the motorized vehicle lane. It works well. And this is the same borough as Park Ex, so why haven’t they considered emulating it?

    • carswell 18:36 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Similar but not exactly the same, Kate, as DeWolf’s proposal (as I understand it) would entail having two paths on opposite sides of the street, one heading north and one heading south.

    • DeWolf 19:12 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      A friend of mine who lives on Querbes pointed out that it’s used as a detour for the 80 when Champagneur/Bloomfield are blocked, so it’s possible that somebody in the city’s traffic division, either at the borough or central level, decided that maintaining two-way traffic was of utmost importance.

      I’d be astonished if nobody had actually thought of turning it one way. The city seems very enthusiastic to do that in other cases – Villeray, Fullum, Bellechasse, parts of St-Zotique, etc.

      I have to say Lalonde makes a good point in her interview with Le Devoir. Why should the safety of all road users be sacrificed for the convenience of a few? « Je ne crois pas qu’on puisse donner le droit de vie ou de mort de ce projet à certains citoyens. Ce sont des projets de sécurité. »

    • mare 19:33 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      A complicating factor with DeWolf’s suggestion (and a reason it might have been considered but rejected) *might* be that Querbes/Durocher is also an official exit from the 40 E* so it’s possible that it falls under provincial control. I’m not sure it is, and for how many blocks this control is valid, but it might have been an issue.

      don’t ask me why, you’d think there are already too many exits in that stretch, with too many merging zones so it’s almost always jam packed.

    • Joey 21:42 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      My impression from some recent article was that emergency services, who have some kind of formal or de facto veto power, instinctively oppose one-way streets, for reasons I don’t quite get.

    • denpanosekai 22:00 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      I know the first three are english, french and greek, but what are the other three please?

    • Kate 23:36 on 2023-09-24 Permalink

      Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati, I’m pretty sure.

    • Ian 07:50 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      I don’t know but Google Translate on my phone recognized them all! It gets a lot more confused with Yiddish.

    • bumper carz 13:13 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      Isn’t every bike path built on *unceded automobile territory?*

      The automobilists were promised “chosen status” on all the car ads they’ve seen all their lives.

    • Ian 16:27 on 2023-09-25 Permalink

      In today’s episode of “straw man arguments” please put your hands together for our very own reductio ad abdurdum specialist, Qatzi.

    • Chris 09:10 on 2023-09-26 Permalink

      Anyone see followup on this 8 am protest party?

    • carswell 10:57 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      As predicted, though earlier than expected, status quo proponents have sabotaged the bike lanes, not with broken glass but with hundreds of thumbtacks. Report and pic recently posted on Agora Montréal.


    • carswell 11:51 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      The original report was on Clique du Plateau, where carpologists in the comments section are blaming everyone — teachers accidentally dropping their school supplies, young pranksters, even bike path proponents — except one of their own. In addition to doorbell and car cams, it might be worthwhile to check local stationery stores to see if someone recently purchased a few boxes of tacks.


  • Kate 13:10 on 2023-09-24 Permalink | Reply  

    As usual, Kenyan runners topped the marathon, in which 12,000 runners participated on a particularly beautiful fall day.

    Two runners had cardiac arrests at the finish line of the half marathon, and were brought to hospital.

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