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  • Kate 19:52 on 2023-09-30 Permalink | Reply  

    A group of people connected with Mile End Memories have created a commemorative booklet (PDF) for S.W. Welch’s bookstore.

    • walkerp 21:21 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      That was very nice.

    • Meezly 10:51 on 2023-10-01 Permalink

      Thanks for sharing that!

    • JP 13:52 on 2023-10-01 Permalink

      Yes, I really enjoyed reading this.

  • Kate 17:43 on 2023-09-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Special constables in the metro will be equipped with a gel form of pepper spray to subdue violent people in a manner less likely to disrupt services.

    • MarcG 09:59 on 2023-10-01 Permalink

      “For me, pepper jelly, I put it on my eyeballs”

  • Kate 17:41 on 2023-09-30 Permalink | Reply  

    The CHUM has brought back a mask mandate inside its hospital. The CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal has also brought it back for its establishments.

    • Nicholas 18:29 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      The CHUM is part of the UdeM RUISSS (the other three being McGill, Laval and Sherbrooke) and does not have an associated CIUSSS. The CIUSSS that also reinstated a mask mandate is Centre-Ouest, which has the Jewish and Mount Sinai hospitals and also some CLSCs and CHSLDs, among other facilities. Clear as mud, huh?

    • Kate 19:02 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      Thank you. I’ve rephrased my post a little to make it as clear as it can be in 2 sentences.

  • Kate 08:57 on 2023-09-30 Permalink | Reply  

    There will be a march and other events to mark Truth and Reconciliation Day. People wear orange t‑shirts for the day.

    I’m a little dubious about their slogan “every child matters” because it echoes the phrase “all lives matter” that was spawned to co‑opt and blunt the impact of “Black Lives Matter”. But the “every child” thing clearly has meaning in this new context. (But see comments below.)

    • Tim S. 10:33 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      Just because a slogan is used by people you don’t agree with doesn’t change the meaning of the words. The world (on social media, at least) is getting polarized enough at it is, we don’t need to surrender common vocabulary.

    • Meezly 10:46 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      Every Child Matters was established some months before BLM. Unlike “all lives matter”, “every child matters” is clear in its message and leaves little room for doubt.

    • Kate 11:32 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      Every Child Matters was established some months before BLM

      I did not know that. Thank you, Meezly.

    • bob 16:54 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      “Every Child Matters” has been used for decades in program names, report titles, etc., in educational and social services programs especially.

    • Kate 17:30 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      bob: educational and social services programs…

      Which would be why I’d never seen it, I guess. Not in that world and haven’t worked on material for it, either. Thanks.

      Tim S.: I don’t disagree with anyone mentioned in the post. I was only thinking of the relative weight of words.

    • Meezly 21:10 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      “Every Child Matters” may have been used for decades in other initiatives for improving the welfare of vulnerable children, but around 2013, this also became the slogan for Orange Shirt Day as a way of saying First Nations and indigenous children matter too.

  • Kate 08:43 on 2023-09-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Since 2000, more than 40 pedestrians have died because of truck blind spots. Most victims have been women. Technology could solve this problem, but authorities are hesitant to require trucking companies to install the expensive devices. Cheaper to kill a few women each year.

    • Stephen McCluskey 09:49 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      Even the newer STM buses have signs on them warning that the buses have blind spots.


      Surely with modern technology this could be remedied rather than just telling other road users ‘watch out! I’m driving a 15T vehicle and I might not be able to see you so stay out of the way’

    • Kate 17:49 on 2023-09-30 Permalink

      It can’t hurt for pedestrians to be more cautious of the blind spots. Even people who drive all the time won’t necessarily know what it’s like in the cab of a big vehicle.

      Upgrading big vehicles costs money, so the province is unwilling to write new laws into the highway code. They didn’t even want to mandate side flaps for big trucks, as I recall, when a kid got drawn under a snow removal vehicle a few years back.

    • Joey 11:10 on 2023-10-01 Permalink

      How many trucks could be retrofitted with the $90 million we’re about spend redoing Camillien Houde?

  • Kate 08:34 on 2023-09-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Shots were fired early Saturday at an Ahuntsic business, where three people were working. As usual, our media coyly refrain from telling us which business, while TVA’s video clearly show us that it’s Achtarout, a bakery on Charles-de-LaTour.

    Nobody got hurt.

    The bakery was the target of a firebombing in May.

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