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  • Kate 19:02 on 2024-05-12 Permalink  

    A new pro-Palestine camp is now growing in the sciences courtyard of UQAM.

    Update: McGill is trying for an injunction to force the protest camp to leave. Mayor Plante does not want to see a clash between encamped protesters and police.

    • Kate 10:55 on 2024-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      Pantalons Supérieur, on Ste-Catherine near the Main, was founded a hundred years ago and is still owned by the same family.

      • CE 20:41 on 2024-05-12 Permalink

        Weird, Just this evening I was talking about this store and about how when you go in, there are often three generations behind the counter. Great store, especially if you hate shopping for clothes. Once I went in, one of the owners looked at me, told me the size, colour, and cut I wanted, gave the jeans to me. I tried them on, he measured them to be hemmed, they were hemmed, and I was out the door!

      • Kate 21:18 on 2024-05-12 Permalink

        I’ve had a similar experience at Jeans Jeans Jeans, but they’ve become expensive lately, like everything else. Next time I want a new pair maybe I’ll try Pantalons.

      • MarcG 08:30 on 2024-05-13 Permalink

        This cute little barbershop in Verdun put up a 100th Anniversary sign recently. https://maps.app.goo.gl/yHQVYQBwNPu5gwcdA

      • Daniel 13:23 on 2024-05-13 Permalink

        Just have to put in a good word for Jeans Jeans Jeans; they’ve really come through for me.

      • jeather 15:03 on 2024-05-13 Permalink

        I have a theoretically still valid gift card from Jeans Jeans Jeans, if anyone would like it. Forgot about it entirely.

      • Kate 20:28 on 2024-05-13 Permalink

        Have you sworn off jeans, jeather?

      • jeather 20:31 on 2024-05-13 Permalink

        Pretty much I’m all skirts and dresses now, or leggings/sweatpants at home. Might as well let someone get use out of it. Supposedly a gift card can never expire, so it should be ok. I won it in a raffle once.

      • CE 08:52 on 2024-05-14 Permalink

        Jeans3 is great for socks and lots of other non-jeans items.

      • CE 08:53 on 2024-05-14 Permalink

        Sorry Kate, my attempt at superscript has failed.

      • jeather 10:43 on 2024-05-14 Permalink

        I’ve had this for years and have forgotten about it regularly. I’d prefer to pass it along to someone who would use it. Kate has my contact info, if no one wants it here I’ll ask around.

      • Kate 17:01 on 2024-05-14 Permalink

        Thank you, jeather.

    • Kate 10:16 on 2024-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      A man was found dead in a Mile End alley on Sunday morning, and police are trying to determine if it was homicide.

      Sunday evening, it has been declared a homicide.

      Monday afternoon, an arrest was announced. TVA specifies that the victim, Vincent Bibeau Olaechaea, 33, was a homeless man and names the suspect as Jayden Coon‑Come from northern Quebec.

      • Ian 14:09 on 2024-05-12 Permalink

        The photo in the first link by Mario Beauregard with the feet visible beneath the blanket isn’t in the alley, it’s right on Parc in front of Ta Pies – did they move the body from the alley? Very odd.

      • Ian 15:22 on 2024-05-12 Permalink

        Sorry, the photo is in the second link. In the first link there is a shot of the body 5 seconds into the lead video that clearly shows the location as well. The red painted wall meeting the brick wall, the bent no parking/ arrêt d’autobus street sign, and the parking spot post are all clear indicators.

      • Kate 17:19 on 2024-05-12 Permalink

        Good sleuthing, Ian. I hope the situation is made clearer, especially if it turns as it has turned out to be homicide.

      • Meezly 09:04 on 2024-05-14 Permalink

        Thanks for the updates, Kate. I live a couple of blocks away, so it’s good to know the police actually have a suspect.

    • Kate 09:35 on 2024-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      Moretti restaurant in Griffintown is in the news again for being a favourite hangout for mobsters, but it’s not new news. Daniel Renaud lists a string of incidents from the past, and quotes the owner’s lawyer insisting that lots of non‑criminal customers like the restaurant too.

      We’ve had discussions about the place before.

      • Kate 08:52 on 2024-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

        TVA lists the pedestrianized streets about to be closed to traffic, with a map.

        • DeWolf 12:18 on 2024-05-12 Permalink

          Duluth is already pedestrianized and it’s a breath of fresh air. As I say every year, that’s a street that really ought to be car-free year-round. At the very least, change the direction of traffic at Laval so it no longer serves as a shortcut between St-Laurent and St-Denis.

        • Kate 14:51 on 2024-05-13 Permalink

          I’m envious. I lived a step away from Duluth for a long time and pedestrianization would’ve been nice.

          I recall reading that there was a plan at one point to make the street a pedestrian mall all the way from Jeanne‑Mance park to Lafontaine park, which is why part of it is paved in driveway blocks and not ordinary paving.

        • Joey 11:51 on 2024-05-14 Permalink

          @Kate I think that is still very much the plan. The city held consultations on a new “plan directeur” for JMP and the “cote placide” of Mount Royal (essentially where the toboggan run is) in 2018 and 2019 – after redesigning the playground, rebuilding the tennis court, and dismantling one of the softball fields. I guess once the powers that achieved their personal objectives they decided to consult the public.

          The final consultation report was only issued in March 2023 – obviously the pandemic caused all kinds of municipal works to be delayed, but a five-year consultation windows seems totally bonkers. The final report made a bunch of recommendations, including the building of a dog park, the pedestrianization of Duluth all the way to Lafontaine Park, etc. At the time, the city said most of these things were 5-10 years away. God only knows why this stuff takes so long. Even when there is political will to do something, the turnaround time is ridiculous.

          For example, the borough agreed to install a temporary dog park until the permanent one is built; the commitment was made last December with language indicating the temporary fenced-in park would be built in 2024; this spring, Alex Norris informed the community of dog owners (who have been able to use the softball field during the winter the last couple of years) that the temporary dog park would be designed this year and if all goes well would be built in 2025. Even a temporary, interim, nothing-fancy, fenced in area takes minimum two years to build. Alternate suggestions from the community (e.g., keep the hockey rink boards up and use that as a temporary dog park) were, as expected, summarily dismissed. Always better to do nothing than something imperfect!

          Generally speaking I can understand how infrastructure projects really do require lots and lots of time and are not straightforward – it’s not like the city officials enjoy ripping open our streets over and over again. I get that the Pie-IX bus lane will wind up taking a generation to get built. But the number of dogs that will be born after the JMP consultation began and will die naturally before the dog park is built is nuts.

        • Kate 10:38 on 2024-06-08 Permalink

          Joey, I meant to thank you for your contribution to this thread. Now I’m late.

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