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  • Kate 20:44 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

    Adil Charkaoui will not be facing charges of incitement to hatred.

    • Rick 09:36 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      WTF is going on in QC courts….

    • Kate 10:24 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      I would prefer that the courts err on the side of freedom of speech, but each to his own.

    • Chris 11:25 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      Kate, so would I. But it rubs many of us wrong that we seem to live in a world where a comedian (Mike Ward) gets fined $35k for a *joke*, but Charkaoui threatens *violence*, but hey then it’s free speech.

    • Kate 11:37 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      Chris, the Supreme Court invalidated that fine to Mike Ward.

    • Kevin 12:49 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      Mike Ward wasn’t accused of any criminal behaviour. The human rights tribunal and the defamation filings were civil matters.

    • bob 12:58 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      It is an artifact of the way that hate speech laws define the groups that hate speech can apply to. Zionists are not a “section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or mental or physical disability.” (s.318 (4) of the Criminal Code) So you can call for killing all the Zionists, all the librarians, all the people who eat pizza with a knife and fork, and so on, without breaking that law.

      There is also a non-zero probability that he’s a narc.

    • Ephraim 16:06 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      @Kate – Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you are immune to the consequences of that speech. For example, you are free to express support of a terrorist government, but you aren’t free of the consequences that Canada considers that you hid your support and affiliation and violated the terms of your application for immigration/resident status and can strip you of your citizenship, no matter how many years later.

    • Ian 17:19 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

      By the same token I could spraypaint a mosque and say I was led to it by Anthony Housefather. Would it stan in court? Hate speech is not as simple as it sounds.

      I can say “Palestinians were put into the role of buffer state by the Egyptian government, knowing their death would incite anger in the Arab world” without being anti-Egyptian. I could say “If you think Zionists are the voice of all Jews you should read about Theresienstadt” without being antisemitic. IF someone heard those words and decided it was grounds to act violently, whether or not a simple statement of historical fact counts as incitement would have to be decided in court.

      That said, Charkaoui sounds like a creep and if he showed up to support my cause I would formally disavow him in whatever organizational capacity possible.

  • Kate 17:22 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

    The mayor inaugurated a new public square Thursday in the Village, and was quoted as saying the streets can’t become a hospital or a shooting gallery, and that Quebec and Ottawa must step up for housing and social services.

    • Kate 11:22 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

      A zipped-up body was put in a closed room and overlooked for hours at the Royal Vic emergency department, overcrowding and understaffing as usual to blame.

      • MarcG 12:01 on 2024-05-16 Permalink

        Let’s not forget Covid-induced fatigue, shortness of breath, concentration problems, memory loss and brain fog.

      • Meezly 13:46 on 2024-05-16 Permalink

        Mistakes can happen. It’s awful but at least the body was already dead. Just don’t let it happen to living patients.

      • Major Annoyance 02:42 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        Slow news day I guess. Wait’ll you get to the morgue. Things move even slower still.

      • Joey 09:23 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        @Major there was a story in the news last week about the backlog in processing death certificates – you’d think it would be fairly straightforward for the province to issue a piece of paper that says that someone is, in fact, no longer alive. One person had been waiting 80 business days (the government’s target is 20 days) without receiving the certificate, without which not much can be done with the deceased’s estate – a major problem if there are financial obligations. Similarly, someone mentioned to me the other day that the current wait time for a divorce certificate (i.e., after the parties had submitted a mutually agreed upon divorce agreement to the court for a judge to approve) was 10 months, which is similarly nuts.

      • Kate 09:52 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        Here’s CBC on death certificate delay, from March, and La Presse from a week ago.

        Also, a piece about the Quebec government rejecting a death certificate which it had issued itself – in English.

      • Ian 17:11 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        My father died about a month ago. The funeral home told me to expect to wait up to 6 months to receive the death certificate. We cannot process the estate or access his accounts to figure out how to pay his taxes (etc) until we receive it. That SHOULD be news. It’s ridiculous.

        Losing a body in a hospital is a bad joke, and it’s not a slwo news day item – it’s precisely this kind of “yawn” reaction that the government hopes for so the crisis in healthcare can be hand-waved away. You work for the ministry, MA?

      • Kate 18:47 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        Ian, my condolences.

        Is that delay happening in Quebec?

      • Kevin 18:52 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        My condolences on your loss.

      • Ian 23:28 on 2024-05-17 Permalink

        @Kate yes,.right here in Montreal.
        Thank you, both of you.it wasn’t unexpected but in many ways such as this keeps being surprising.

    • Kate 11:15 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

      Shots were fired Thursday night in the Plateau, near the house of the mother of Jean‑Philippe Célestin – the second time this has happened recently. Two young bucks were picked up by police.

      • GC 10:03 on 2024-05-19 Permalink

        Well, that’s super close to chez moi…

    • Kate 10:57 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

      A cyberattack on Collège Ahuntsic has forced the CEGEP to close, the second such event in Quebec this week.

      • Kate 09:08 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

        Pedestrianizing Ste-Catherine through the Village all year long is under consideration – all the way from Émilie-Gamelin square to the bridge – but some are quoted here as wishing the city would look after the area’s issues first.

        • DeWolf 11:08 on 2024-05-16 Permalink

          As usual people don’t seem to understand that the redesign isn’t cosmetic, it’s part of a complete reconstruction of the street that will mainly focus on rebuilding the underground infrastructure.

      • Kate 08:26 on 2024-05-16 Permalink | Reply  

        La Presse is running an important open statement by editor François Cardinal about Quebec’s Bill 57, theoretically meant to protect elected officials from abuse, but worded in such a way that freedom of expression is at risk. Journalists, editorialists and ordinary citizens may be silenced if they openly express criticism of politicians, and we all know where that can lead. Signed by a list of news editors from a range of Quebec media.

        • Ian 10:08 on 2024-05-16 Permalink

          If nothing else it’s nice to see these paternalistic cryptofascists at the provincial assembly clearly displaying their contempt for the public. I guess they’ll have to pre-emptively invoke the notwithstanding clause to prevent this one from being argued in court as well.

        • carswell 10:42 on 2024-05-16 Permalink

          Legault really, really wants to be Orbàn in a cardigan.

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