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  • Kate 21:22 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

    Three men were stabbed in a fight in the Plateau on Tuesday evening, and are now in hospital. By the time police arrived the perpetrators had fled.

    • dwgs 06:07 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      All 3 reported dead this morning. 15, 23, and 25. Wow.

    • Kate 06:45 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      I was just about to link the story. Also from TVA, from CTV and from Radio‑Canada.

    • Nicholas 08:54 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      It’s weird they set up a command post. If the CBC photographer who took the photo of it did a 180 they’d photograph a police station.

    • Kate 09:29 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      You’re right. Station 38 is right there, across from La Banquise.

  • Kate 15:33 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

    Desjardins has apologized for displaying a Canadian flag on a poster informing customers about the May 20 holiday.

    Oh the shame.

    • Blork 18:11 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

      Well, to be fair, it not only showed the Canadian flag, it showed a person literally wrapped in the Canadian flag. Given that it was specific to the “journée nationale des patriotes” (as they called it), it was extremely tone-deaf.

      Yeah yeah I know that the “patriotes” were a mix of people, including Scots and Irish, and that it was about breaking from the crown in terms of representation, etc. and wasn’t about “separating from Canada” because Canada didn’t even exist then, but Les Patriotes are symbolic of Quebec self determination, so yeah. GONG!

    • Kate 19:24 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

      For that matter, the Canadian flag we know dates from 1966.

      Want to bet the image was created by AI after someone specified “a Canadian patriot” or words to that effect?

    • dhomas 03:21 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      The quote at the end by Guy Nantel made me laugh. He’s considering closing his 50 year old Desjardins accounts over this. The fact that Desjardins compromised the identity and financial data of every single one of their customers between 2017 and 2019 didn’t make him close his account. But this will.

    • Blork 08:27 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      Yeah, right. I guarantee he is not considering closing his account. He just says so to get the headline.

      BTW, I’m already seeing fake ones saying Desjardins will be closed on Canada Day, showing the same photo but with the flag switched to a Quebec flag.

    • Ephraim 09:17 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

      Irony… the mix of the Canadian flag and Desjardins’ colour is actually the three colours of the Patriot’s flag

  • Kate 14:58 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

    Police chief Fady Dagher allows that four murders within a week is a lot, but he goes on to say that the incidents were unrelated and that armed aggression is down generally.

    • Kate 14:53 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

      Quebec has launched Espace Aéro, a partnership with Boeing, which turns the greater Montreal area into a zone of innovation in aerospace technology. It’s a pity that every week brings a new story of a mishap on a Boeing craft.

      • jeather 15:42 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

        Just be careful what you say about Boeing, apparently being a whistleblower makes you feel very guilty about turning on your company and — even if you tell people beforehand “If I die, it wasn’t suicide” — you might just commit suicide due to the guilt.

    • Kate 12:04 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

      Judge Dennis Galiatsatos has struck down article 10 of the reform of Quebec’s language law which requires that any ruling made in English must be translated into French “immediately” – a requirement that would slow justice for anglos on trial in Quebec, and also attempts to impose itself on federal court rulings.

      The Quebec government is bound to appeal.

      • H. John 16:59 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

        This is the long and detailed decision (in English) that Quebec Court Judge Dennis Galiatsatos issued on May 01 when he first raised the question, and asked for the parties to comment.


        I’ll post the link to today’s decision when it becomes available.

      • Kate 17:33 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

        Thank you, H. John.

      • H. John 07:15 on 2024-05-22 Permalink

        Here’s the link to the decision mentioned above declaring inoperable in criminal proceedings the words “immediately and without delay” published May 17.


    • Kate 10:54 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

      Quebec City archbishop Cardinal Gérald Lacroix has been cleared of sexual misconduct… by an investigation by the Catholic church, ordered by the Pope. This piece closes “The claims have not been tested in court” but doesn’t say whether the prelate will face charges.

      • Kate 08:32 on 2024-05-21 Permalink | Reply  

        La Presse’s Maxime Bergeron considers the ongoing presence of roadwork cones in town and promises made to orchestrate sites more efficiently, and concludes that the work’s got to be done. The city has a detailed map of sites, with dates, purpose, name of contractor and so on.

        • DeWolf 09:48 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

          When I go through my old photos, it’s a bit of a surprise to see that there weren’t many as many orange cones around town, but there was certainly just as much construction. Instead you just had poorly demarcated worksites and random holes in the ground with maybe a single cone to warn passersby.

          Here’s a photo I took in 2009 of workers building the concrete barrier that replaced the metal bollards (and which in turn was replaced by the nicely planted median we have today):


          Today you’d have a fence, cones, detour signs.

        • DeWolf 09:54 on 2024-05-21 Permalink

          (The construction photo was from Rachel/St-Urbain, I forgot to add.)

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