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  • Kate 21:08 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

    A national funeral was held Saturday at Mary Queen of the World for Jean‑Pierre Ferland. Images and video from TVA and from La Presse.

    • Kate 21:02 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

      Sunday will be overcast but not rainy, maybe the best conditions for the Tour de l’Île, which will feature more than 40,000 cyclists.

      Sunday morning, the headline and story have been amended to say 20,000 cyclists.

      By Monday, the estimate of 18,000 cyclists has been floated.

      • Ian 06:32 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        High of 27, keep hydrated!

    • Kate 14:59 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

      La Presse has a general theme this weekend on the virtues of slowing down, the feeling of not having enough time, how we use our time, and Isabelle Hachey’s thoughts on how we never seem to get the time back, even after centuries when technology seems to be promising more leisure.

      There’s also a teacher who rails against how homework steals kids’ quality time and the difficulty of finding time to do what we really love. Ariane Krol applies the theme to driving, eating and working. And Mario Girard talks to a man who has just retired.

      • Kate 09:53 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

        The mayor of Île-Bizard–Ste-Geneviève is annoyed that the 18,000 residents of Île-Bizard will have to show a passcode to get on and off the island during a golfing event called the Presidents Cup to be held at the Royal Montreal Golf Club in September.

        People like that mayor forget that they’re often the ones bidding for prestige events or asking for more security, and then when the prestige event drops in with its security requirements, they get all ruffled. Anyway, Wikipedia tells me the golf course hosted the event in 2007, so it’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

        Wikipedia doesn’t explain what makes it royal, though.

        • EmilyG 10:16 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          I live in Pierrefonds near Ile-Bizard. I remember the traffic being terrible on the main roads around here, especially on Boul. St-Jean, when the event was hosted in 2007. I was trying to get somewhere and it took a long time.

        • qatzelok 19:41 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Is it “the residents” of Île-Bizard, or just “the drivers”… who will be carded when they leave their bungalow-soiled island?

        • Ian 20:54 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          My recently deceased father lived in a care home on île Bizard for the last few months of his life before he was moved into palliative care. I can assure you that it wasn’t a bungalow.

          I know you hate the burbs but dial back the projection, we all know you hated your suburban childhood and are full of self-loathing. Maybe these are issues you shoukd take up with a therapist, seriously. You sound like you have little joy in your life. Stare down your inner animal.

        • bumper carz 09:44 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

          Ian, there are Ile Bizards all over North America – they all look and feel the same – and the first generation of suburbanites were the first teens to take mind-altering drugs, and the first housewives to go on anti-depressants. They all blamed themselves for being miserable, just like you are asking me to do.

          I left the burbs right after my teens, and moving out of suburbia was the best therapy of all. It isn’t about me – the suburbs really are an example of being lead to slaughter by private corporations (car and oil).

        • CE 11:41 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

          My friend was just given a car to babysit so last night I spent an evening on Île-Perrot (finally tried Smoke Meat Pete!). It’s a very suburban (and rural) place where we met very friendly and interesting people were proud of their island and suggested pleasant and interesting places to go to. Not all of it was beautiful but people are resilient and generally make the most out of their surroundings.

          @qatzelok/bumper carz I wouldn’t be inclined to hold you up as an example of good mental health. It seems as if you’ve never managed to let go of your bitterness from having to live in a place you saw as “beneath” you. Chill out and try to enjoy your life and let others enjoy theirs, even if they’ve made choices that are different from yours.

        • Kate 14:00 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

          CE, that’s well put. Thank you.

        • Anton 11:18 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

          There’s more than one unnecessarily angry person here

        • bumper carz 12:38 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

          Please consider people’s points instead of trying to dismiss them with unqualified psychological diagnoses.
          Thank you for not resorting to USA-media-style smear tactics. : )

        • Ian 13:42 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

          Oh please, qatzi, you have literally wished death on suburbanites.

          I really thought maybe you were in distress, so forgive my presumption. I’ll be sure not to give you the benefit of the doubt, if that’s what you prefer?

      • Kate 09:42 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

        A Parti québécois MNA is proposing mandating a Quebec flag in every classroom.

        • Uatu 09:51 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          A lot easier than getting a family doctor for everyone, I guess lol

        • Ian 10:51 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Yeah, always staying right on top of those high-priority issues haha

          Tangentially related, I grew up in Ontario and in public school we had to sing “O Canada” every morning before classes, and in both English and French at the beginning of school assemblies. Meanwhile here the only way kids know the national anthem is if they watch hockey. Maybe the kids could sing “Mon Pays” to properly instill “national” pride.

        • Uatu 11:45 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Actually a great place for it would be the ER. A reminder of who’s running the system and you’ve got a loooong time to bask in its glorious national significance. lol

        • Ephraim 12:01 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Get rid of the cross on the flag and we’ll talk.

        • Ian 16:23 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Well the blue stands for the virgin mary so there’s just a white flag if you get rid of that.

        • Ephraim 17:22 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          I’m okay with that 😀
          But isn’t the white only flag for France? 😀 (Ducking and running)

        • Ian 17:55 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Oh don’t give France the credit of having “surrendered”, Pétain and many others in Vichy France were only too eager to collaborate with fascists. There is some truth that Adrien Arcand and his racist, fascist ilk influenced the Quebec independence movement that helped inform the development of the flag, but of course what went on in France was sociopolitically different from what was going on chez nous.

        • Kate 21:23 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Ephraim, France used a pure white flag during the Bourbon Restoration between 1815 and 1830. But this predated the formalization of a white flag to signal surrender, which happened in the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. The white stripe in the French tricolore derives from the white flag of the Bourbons.

          (I knew that listening to British panel shows would come in handy sooner or later.)

        • Ian 04:31 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

          Oh neat, i was wondering about the Bourbon connection. Thanks!

        • dhomas 14:12 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

          My kids’ EMSB grade school played the Canadian national anthem every morning until 2020. When school resumed after COVID, the anthem was no longer heard.

        • Ian 17:38 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

          Interesting, I wonder if it’s a principal’s choice. I thought it might be the board.

      • Kate 09:22 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

        Mario Dumont pulls the short straw Saturday for a piece on how awful Montreal is. He enumerates some well‑known facts and incidents, makes no useful suggestions, then blames Valérie Plante for being a leftist.

        • Nicholas 11:35 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          Has anyone been repudiated electorally more in Quebec history than Mario Dumont?

        • Kevin 09:00 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

          Maybe Eric Duhaime or Maxime Bernier

      • Kate 08:52 on 2024-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

        La Presse says Place Versailles is going to be demolished and 5000 condos will be built there instead.

        The Gazette ponders the Hippodrome site and asks whether any developer would be such a fool as to get involved in a project that won’t immediately return top profits. In this case it’s 10,000 residential units that are projected.

        • Ephraim 12:08 on 2024-06-01 Permalink

          City should act as developer for 50% of the property *furthest end) with 25% of that being for mixed low cost housing. See how that goes. See if someone wants to do the rest of it or they will have to develop the last 50% at a higher density, as it’s an easier walk to the metro station. Higher buildings, more green space, all the heating and cooling from geothermal, all LEED certified. With low overhead costs, they should be very enticing.

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