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  • Kate 16:49 on 2024-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

    A car went into the Back River Sunday morning around 5, after going up St‑Hubert and crossing Park Stanley. Efforts are being made to find the driver who is still missing.

    • DeWolf 17:31 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      Does anyone know the etymology of Avenue Park Stanley? It’s strange that “park” is spelled the English way but it’s always written with the French grammar, and the adjacent park isn’t actually named Stanley at all – it’s called the Parcours Gouin.

    • Ian 17:52 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      As far as the grammar goes it’s no stranger than Square Victoria …

    • Kate 18:09 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      Les rues de Montréal says it was named after the Stanley Bagg Corporation, which owned and developed land in town, but doesn’t venture into why it’s spelled “Park” and not “Parc”.

      The family also gave the name to Bagg Street in the western Plateau, as well as Clark, because the originator of the firm was Stanley Clark Bagg (1820-1873). They also owned a house called Fairmount Villa, whence the name of the street in Mile End.

      Book doesn’t explain how they ended up with land on the Back River so far from their usual stomping grounds.

    • CE 18:35 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      That part of town was cottage country back in the day, I would guess he likely had some sort of vacation home around there.

    • DeWolf 19:28 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      @Ian Square is a French word, it actually came into English from French (like so many other words). There are lots of squares in Paris.

    • Ian 20:56 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      Good point, i was thinking of the drive toward francisation but yeah.

    • Kate 22:57 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

      CE, you may be right. I wonder whether their cottage is still there – maybe where the Montreal Zen Centre is now?

    • MarcG 08:28 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      I didn’t read this whole article but there’s a map of the land they owned which helps make more sense of it. The north end farm looks like it may have overlapped 746 Park Stanley.

    • Kate 16:19 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      MarcG, that house does have the air of a summer retreat.

  • Kate 09:48 on 2024-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse proceeds with its theme of slowing down: they interview two MNAs about the need to respond quickly in politics and, in a part 2, what happens when percolating policy takes time.

    Also modern pressures on families and how they can be managed, thoughts from philosophy and psychology, and the difficulty of slowing down when you have people to support.

    Also, tai chi as a slow practice.

    • Blork 12:09 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      Fascinating that neither of these posts about La Presse’s “slowing down” series has generated any comments. We’re all to busy maybe? (Or simply don’t give AF about blah-blah regarding slowing down?)

    • Uatu 12:28 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      Sorry too busy with my 5 side hustles to respond. The neoliberal caq will call me a loser if I’m not working like p Diddy lol

    • Kate 16:20 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      Blork, I hesitated before blogging them, since they weren’t strictly news, but they really were most of the content of La Presse over the weekend.

    • CE 16:31 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      I actually would like to read them because the issues discussed are problems I feel like I’m facing more and more. However, I don’t want to add any more tabs to the dozens already open that I already don’t have the time to read!

    • Blork 17:32 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      @CE what you describe is a negative feedback loop, in contrast with the positive feedback loop that @MarcG mentioned WRT the cannabis-infused poutine sauce.

  • Kate 09:39 on 2024-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

    A man entered a pharmacy in the Village Saturday morning after being stabbed and was brought to hospital. How this came about has not been made clear.

    • Kate 09:04 on 2024-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

      The SQDC is now flogging cannabis‑infused poutine sauce. Isn’t poutine something you get after you’ve got the munchies?

      • MarcG 11:33 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        I’m stuck in a loop!

      • Ian 15:46 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        Man they’re just determined to put dope in everything but gummies, eh?

      • DeWolf 17:32 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        Everybody knows that kids hate poutine, Ian!

      • Ian 20:57 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        All true and good points.

    • Kate 08:59 on 2024-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

      The city supports organizations that want to work to reduce the dominance of the car in the city, but it’s going to be an uphill battle.

      • Chris 11:17 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        “going to be”? Interesting choice of tense. It’s been a losing battle for a century now.

      • Kate 13:16 on 2024-06-02 Permalink

        I’ve said before that it was a strategic error to begin by handing out a limitless number of car registrations. From the beginning, it should have been policy to limit the number of motor vehicles allowed in a city or even a province. But I’ve never read anywhere that such a limit was ever considered, and when I’ve floated it on the blog as a possibility, I’ve been shouted down.

        The difference now is that we’re more aware of the damage done, we know more cars doesn’t mean more progress – but we’re still doing it.

      • Ephraim 07:11 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

        Much more difficult in a city that does not allow overnight parking on the streets. I mean, if you have no place to keep a car overnight, you at least have to think twice about it. CSL, Hampstead, Montreal West, TMR,

      • Ian 08:51 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

        So basically just cars for people rich enough to have a detached home with a driveway.

        If transit were improved there would be fewer prople that think they need cars, THEN you could treat it as a luxury.

        Even Plante said it’s not unreasonable for a kid in Pointe aux Trembles going to cegep in Ville Marie to want to drive considering how long it takes on transit.

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