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  • Kate 21:07 on 2024-06-03 Permalink | Reply  

    The SPVM presented its 2023 annual report Monday and the tl;dr is that homicides were down but crime was up. Notably, hate crimes, assaults and vehicle thefts all increased.

    The CBC cites critic of policing Ted Rutland through their piece, while TVA’s headline shouts “Il faut «sortir de l’idéologie antipolicière», martèle Mathieu Bock-Côté” and a sidebar says pas question de marcher sur Sainte-Catherine.

    Has it occurred to some of these people that as you shout that Montreal is a dead loss and that some streets are dangerous, you risk bringing about the result you’re pretending to deplore?

    • DeWolf 01:22 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      QMI is busy building a parallel universe Montreal.

      That’s not to minimize the problems a neighbourhood like the Village is facing but seriously, the idea you can’t walk along Ste-Catherine… there are literally terrasses full of bougie people sipping cocktails.

    • CE 08:31 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      Have these people never been to any other city outside of Switzerland? It’s so incredibly safe here! In the 18 years I’ve lived in Montreal, I’ve known of a single person who has been robbed (not including car break-ins). I’ve never once heard a gunshot and even fights on the streets are rare. I know this is just one observation and things do happen here but it’s very, very rare compared to almost any other city on earth.

    • jeather 11:46 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      The police find there’s more crime and we need more police, hold the presses.

    • Ian 12:42 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      Of course if there were less crime this would also be seen as proof by the police that policing works so we need more police.

  • Kate 21:05 on 2024-06-03 Permalink | Reply  

    The game design studio Avalanche is closing its Montreal studio after less than a year. This item enumerates other layoffs here in that industry.

    What isn’t mentioned is whether the Quebec government subsidized any of these outfits for the prestige of building the province into a video gaming hotspot.

    Update Tuesday about layoffs at Behaviour.

    • Nicholas 21:43 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      There’s a 37.5% refundable tax credit on labour expenses for the video game industry, so I’m going to say yes.

    • Ian 20:49 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      I love how the game industry created so many jobs but I hate how it contributed to kickstarting gentrification. In retrospect I don’t think it was a net positive for Montreal.

  • Kate 13:47 on 2024-06-03 Permalink | Reply  

    In Le Devoir, Jeanne Corriveau writes about the Maestria skybridge and, without spelling it out, asks whether construction like this is emphasizing a society of widely divided rich and poor. Postmedia’s “content works” (i.e. sponsored content) crows about how it “sets a new standard for downtown living.”

    • CE 15:40 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      I know someone who was looking at renting in the Maestria and they told him that only condo owners (and their guests) would be allowed to use the skybridge (he went elsewhere) so it would seem there is a division of rich and poor right in the building itself.

      If you’ve never seen the marketing video for these buildings, you should. It’s something else!


    • Blork 16:05 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      Put together by the same team who did the “Mr. Plow” commercial.

    • Kate 16:19 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      CE, that’s amazing.


    • DeWolf 16:45 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      From an architectural standpoint, I think Maestria turned out surprisingly well, and it interacts nicely with the city around it thanks to the various different volumes that surround the twin towers. But it’s definitely a symbol of growing wealth disparity.

      That said, this is a phenomenon much bigger than Montreal. Pretty much every big globalized city in the world is dealing with this right now. Restoring balance to housing will take some pretty high-level policy changes.

    • Meezly 17:14 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      Watching that video makes me wish I could be the Maestria of my own domain.

    • DavidH 19:13 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      @Meezly, I can’t make up my mind if that was an intentional nod to that Seinfeld episode.

    • walkerp 20:43 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      Is it even finished yet?

    • Meezly 09:32 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      @DavidH, I doubt marketing execs of that ilk are clever or subversive enough to attempt that. The “be the maestro of your own domain” titles appear when the blond woman is “conducting an orchestra” from her expensive leather lounge chair, so their intention is very literal. I don’t think they’d want to taint that imagery with any references to self abuse!

    • DavidH 13:54 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      @Meezly, I was thinking more along the lines of a junior creative inserting it to show the emperor has no clothes kinda thing. That being said, all of it is accidently hilarious. I watched the whole video and I still have no idea what any of those properties look like from the inside.

    • Ian 20:51 on 2024-06-04 Permalink

      In my mental movie of the Montreal revolution the skybridge blows up to signal the start of the action.

  • Kate 13:28 on 2024-06-03 Permalink | Reply  

    The city has closed two bridges to autoroute 13 from the West Island, and drivers are not happy. The Pitfield bridges developed alarming cracks and have been closed preventively.

    • Nicholas 15:51 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      I first felt sympathetic, given the REM took out the Two Mountains line and then is still delayed, and that the direct replacement bus, the 968, uses those bridges, but everyone is so over the top! The bridges are inspected on a regular schedule, they found potentially dangerous cracks and they shut the bridges down so no one would die, something that’s happened a few times in recent memory. Should we reopen bridges that are dangerous? Did people want us to leave it open for a week so the Pierrefonds and DDO mayors could get notice? Why is their area transportation network so fragile that shutting this small section causes chaos? Why didn’t they have contingency plans? If a bus route gets blocked the STM usually has a detour out within an hour, and has temporary bus stop signs out shortly after if it’s going to be more than a few hours. Maybe they could put in some bus lanes on Sources (six lanes!) to increase capacity, and remove the parking lanes on Sunnybrooke. If this is all it takes to shut down the upper West Island and infuriate everyone, maybe they need some better leaders.

    • walkerp 20:46 on 2024-06-03 Permalink

      The word “outrage” is doing a lot of work in that article.

  • Kate 09:46 on 2024-06-03 Permalink | Reply  

    The only police blotter item Monday morning is about a middle‑aged man who was beaten up downtown and another middle‑aged man arrested in the case. Later, the Journal specified that the victim is a homeless person.

    Cities the size of Montreal all over the world would love to have our crime stats, but the Gazette is pressing for more police based on a recent survey of residents.

    CTV also has a report on the same survey that found that many Montreal residents feel less safe now than five years ago – before the pandemic. Similarly from QMI.

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