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  • Kate 20:00 on 2024-07-02 Permalink | Reply  

    Ali Ngarukiye has been sentenced to 15 years for killing his cellmate in 2021, and it seems clear from the grim account here that André Lapierre should never have been locked up with him.

    Patrick Lagacé wrote about André Lapierre at the time.

    • Kate 19:49 on 2024-07-02 Permalink | Reply  

      Montrealer Neno Dolmajian was attacked in late June on O’Connell Street in Dublin, and has since died. There have been several arrests.

      Taoiseach Simon Harris says he’s appalled.

    • Kate 16:57 on 2024-07-02 Permalink | Reply  

      There’s a summer of science fiction films lined up at the Cinémathèque, from familiar classics like Solaris, Blade Runner and Forbidden Planet to lesser known titles from Czechoslovakia and Switzerland.

      • Ian 19:05 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Wow, some great titles – I’d love to see Tetsuo on a big screen but sadly I’m out of town for the showing date 🙁

    • Kate 16:22 on 2024-07-02 Permalink | Reply  

      Québec solidaire’s Ruba Ghazal, MNA for Mercier, has been accused of interfering in the French election because she campaigned in Montreal for a leftish candidate.

      • DeWolf 17:57 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Accused by French fascists and their sympathizers in Quebec, to be clear.

      • Kate 18:17 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Yes. I thought I’d let interested readers work that out.

    • Kate 10:45 on 2024-07-02 Permalink | Reply  

      The cost of living has risen sharply since the pandemic, but rents in Quebec have far outstripped the estimated 17% rise in general costs: as much as 50% in some towns, but a “modest” 27% in Montreal.

      • bob 12:02 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        There was a time when we hanged profiteers.

      • Annette 23:09 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Well idk about that, but now we burn the scaffolding wood just to stay warm.

    • Kate 07:13 on 2024-07-02 Permalink | Reply  

      Surveillance cameras are getting ever more popular in town, a trend blamed on rising crimes like car theft and porch piracy.

      I noticed when the façade was redone on the building next door, for example, besides new lights, two very obvious cameras were also added. It seems to be becoming normal.

      • Ephraim 07:41 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Just because it’s there doesn’t mean that it’s being triggered. We have one at our front door where we have carefully set up a perimeter that covers only our property. Something happened at the neighbour’s place and cops asked to see… we had nothing because it wasn’t on our property. (We ruined all her gossip about us, but that’s another story)

      • Kate 08:18 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        But I don’t think any law covers the extent of private camera coverage. I don’t care whether my neighbours are incidentally patrolling me coming and going, but some might.

      • Joey 10:00 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Do police ever use evidence from these cameras for many of the petty crimes that cause them to be installed (porch pirates, small-scale B&E, car theft, etc.)? I assume they come in handy when the police need to gather as much evidence in one area as possible, for example when someone has been killed nearby, but my impression is that for small thefts, etc., the cops just don’t have the capacity or interest to do anything. You often hear anecdotes about people going to the police to let them know that something has been stolen, that they’ve tracked it (e.g., a stolen bike with a GPS device hidden in it) to a specific location, but the police refuse to do much of anything.

      • Ephraim 10:58 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Well, the cops asked me for the video, so I assume it’s of some use. Of course, in this case, it just proved that she was telling everyone porkpies about us. There must be a reason.

      • bob 12:08 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        Cop : I see. Well, Mr Seinfeld, we’ll look into it and we’ll let you know if we, you know, if we find anything.

        Jerry : Do you ever find anything?

        Cop : No.

      • Joey 13:46 on 2024-07-02 Permalink

        The Dude: You got any promising uh, leads, man?

        Auto Circus Cop: Leads, yeah, sure. I’ll just check with the boys down at the crime lab, they’ve got four more detectives working on the case. They got us working in shifts!

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