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  • Kate 18:37 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

    The mayor visited the Village on Thursday to talk security concerns with residents and business owners. She and the police chief say things are improving, with more police and social workers on the ground.

    There’s no objective statistics here demonstrating whether things actually are getting better, as Plante says, or worse, as claimed by Ensemble.

    • P 03:13 on 2024-02-23 Permalink

      Kinda makes me wish Bill Binns was here to provide his input…

    • Ian 13:39 on 2024-02-24 Permalink

      Yeah well just imagine someone going on about crackheads and fentanyl and molotov cocktails and political correctness and you’ll be able to come up with a close approximation.

  • Kate 18:32 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

    The federal government is kicking in $3 million to preserve the Cinema Imperial on Bleury.

    • Kate 12:33 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

      Now that I’ve been schooled, dare I make a mildly sarcastic remark about the Netflix documentary about the end of the Expos?

      • Ian 13:09 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

        Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude.

      • Tee Owe 15:32 on 2024-02-22 Permalink


    • Kate 10:26 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

      Inter Miami is coming to Montreal for a match against CF Montreal on May 11. This would hardly be news except that the Miami team now features Lionel Messi. Fans are upset that ticket prices have been absurdly inflated to meet the increased interest and demand.

      Imagine if Messi got injured meantime and you spent $750 to see an ordinary soccer match. I don’t wish any harm on Messi, but that would be satisfactory.

      • Rick 11:19 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

        What’s with the negative vibes? Some people find joy in watching soccer even overpaying for it. Stop judging others, in the long run you’ll feel better inside.

      • Kate 11:54 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

        Thank you for your kind advice.

      • Blork 12:03 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

        Are there enough of those “find joy” people to fill the stadium? What about all the people who like to watch soccer but are also having trouble making ends meet (which is an awful lot of people these days)? I guess all those working class families (once the core audience for soccer) can go f*ck themselves since they can’t come up with $2000 to take the whole family to see a single game.

        I wouldn’t see anything wrong with this extreme pricing if the tickets for that game were priced as:

        Just want to watch this soccer game: $30

        Want to find joy in watching this soccer game: $750

      • DeWolf 12:21 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

        The Hong Kong government recently paid for Inter Miami to visit for a friendly match against the local exhibition league. Prices were of course massively inflated, but Messi was injured and sat on the bench the whole time. Actual soccer fans knew what was up, and probably hadn’t even bothered to attend the match anyway. But all the bandwagoners who were there simply to see a celebrity were outraged.

        Then the government amplified their outrage by having their lackeys complain that Messi had gravely insulted Hong Kong/China and he should never set foot in the city again. Of course, it was all a distraction from some impending national security legislation…


      • thomas 12:52 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

        So now I’m imagining a scenario where a Messi injury and subsequently not playing leads to accusations of “Quebec bashing” from JdeM.

      • Ian 12:51 on 2024-02-23 Permalink

        Finding joy in overpaying is a very specific humiliation kink, but far be it from me to kink-shame.

      • dhomas 13:17 on 2024-02-23 Permalink

        My son loves Messi. I would love to bring him to see a match where he plays. But we are a family of 5, so tickets for the whole family would cost 2250$. Sorry, my boy…

    • Kate 10:15 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

      The Centre des mémoires montréalaises is holding an exhibit on the stories of people of colour of Montreal who’ve largely been omitted from official histories.

      • Kate 10:03 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

        A man was injured and his car vandalized in a case of road rage in Ville‑Marie on Wednesday night.

        A man was found gruesomely injured in Rosemont overnight, and it seems he was kidnapped in Saguenay and brought to Montreal with injuries that suggest a form of torture.

        • walkerp 11:33 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

          Wild. Montreal is still so old school crime-wise.

        • Kate 15:01 on 2024-02-22 Permalink

          I know. Next it will be concrete galoshes.

      • Kate 09:59 on 2024-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

        Plans have been cooking for some time to create a new carbon‑neutral neighbourhood in a run‑down postindustrial section of Lachine.

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