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  • Kate 21:59 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

    The announcement of the closure of Archambault’s original flagship store has sparked a piece by Philippe Teisceira‑Lessard on the decrepitude of the environs of Place Émilie-Gamelin.

    As I recall, developers had bought out the whole block shown in the photo at the top of the story. Amir, Da Giovanni, L’Escalier, they didn’t go away because the neighbourhood turned bad. They were pushed out. And now the pandemic plus the sheltering of homeless folks in the hotel has made that block an unpropitious setting for a new condo building.

    How long did it take between the ruin of the Seville and the construction of a new building, between the demolition of the Spectrum and a new project on that corner?

    • shawn 22:58 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

      Well, the demolition of the Spectrum and the new project took a long time because Equipe Spectra’s original project for that block fell through. They ended up selling the land to the Maestria condo developer, I guess. But that’s just a side note. I didn’t know all those merchants by Archambault were pushed out!

  • Kate 21:26 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

    The McGill Tribune has a nice piece about Adrian at The Word, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2025.

    • DeWolf 21:57 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

      Nice piece indeed!

      I find the offhand mention of McGill business students pretty adorable. Deciding it would be a good idea to do a case study of a quirky second-hand bookstore for your business school class seems like a very Montreal thing to do.

  • Kate 18:07 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

    After a mild January, more snow and then colder temperatures are coming.

    • Ian Rogers 19:22 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

      Still relatively mild, it is the thick of wintertime after all and we haven’t seen -20 in the daytime yet this year.

  • Kate 18:05 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

    Three more arrests have been made in the hammer attack this week on a teenager outside a Montreal high school. Two are over 18 but have not yet been named; a 17‑year‑old was arrested on Wednesday.

    • Kate 15:17 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

      The city is going to change some streets in Ste‑Marie, near where the little Ukrainian girl was knocked down and killed last month. The mayor spoke up for traffic calming downtown.

      Part of Fullum Street will become one way only, and streets that have been used as shortcuts will have their directions reversed. In theory, motorists should be blocked from speeding through the residential area.

      Updated to add: Metro maps out the most dangerous areas for pedestrians.

      • Nicholas 15:37 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

        It’s too late, but this is a key way to reduce cut throughs and rat running. It’s like having subdivisions with No Exit signs, so the only way to get through is to go around on the main arterial road, where you can create safer crossings to the next no-cut-through section. (You can also add diverters, like on Gilford at Chambord and Lanaudière in front of that senior’s residence.)

      • DeWolf 18:11 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

        I wonder how Fullum will be configured. If the bike lanes are moved between the parked cars and the sidewalk, it will be narrow enough to actually slow traffic. But if they simply turn it into a one-way street with two lanes of traffic, that’s going to create a speedway…

    • Kate 14:23 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

      The Charles Daudelin sculpture Mastodo is to return to Viger Square next fall, but not as a fountain. The heavy bronze form was meant to fill with water, then tilt and empty the water into a basin, but it stopped working fairly soon after it was first installed. It was taken away when the square was redesigned and has been sitting in a city warehouse ever since.

      • shawn 14:30 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

        Don’t want to hijack this thread but place Émilie-Gamelin just north has been dealt a blow:

      • Joey 15:06 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

        That Archambault article… blaming everything under the sun except the fact that nobody buys media anymore…

      • carswell 15:26 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

        @Joey That’s true for other Archambault and Renaud-Bray (same company) outlets too, and the ones I frequent (JTM’s A and CDN’s R-B) seem to be making a go of it. They started transitioning to gift items, toys, kitchenware, etc., years ago. And the big Archambault stores also sell musical instruments and scores, another non-media profit centre. The CDN R-B axed its extensive video and CD/LP sections years ago and the JTM’s counterparts have been smaller each time I’ve gone in; they’re adapting their business model to the new reality.

        I find the reduced traffic explanation for the Berri store perfectly plausible. Actually, the company may have hastened the Berri store’s demise by opening well-stocked outlets in many neighbourhoods around town (the JTM and Place-des-Arts stores, for example). Why schlepp to the corner of Berri and Ste-Catherine when I can drop by the CDN Renaud-Bray or JTM Archambault whenever I do my grocery shopping?

      • Kate 15:37 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

        I hope they can save the sign, which has been at risk of being scrapped before. Is there space on the Jean‑Talon building?

    • Kate 14:18 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

      Weekend activities from CityCrunch, CultMTL, Sarah’s weekend list.

      Daily Hive lists the Montreal restaurants on Yelp’s list of the top 100 restos in Canada, and CultMTL has the best Chinese restaurants according to its readers.

      • Kate 11:39 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

        A coroner’s report suggests that the new Champlain bridge should be equipped with suicide barriers like the ones on the Jacques‑Cartier, after a man leapt from the bridge last May.

        I looked back and find that in 2019, Le Devoir reported on suicide barriers being installed as part of the original design.

        • dhomas 16:32 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

          SNC-Lavalin cheaped out and didn’t deliver the project as specified? Insert surprised Pikachu meme.

        • qatzelok 20:54 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

          We have legal assisted-suicide in Canada now. Why not provide an assisted-suicide kiosque at each end of the bridge instead of ruining another bridge with an ugly metallic cage structure?

        • CE 00:13 on 2023-01-28 Permalink

          We’ve got a real edgelord on our hands here.

      • Kate 00:45 on 2023-01-27 Permalink | Reply  

        Radio-Canada says police have seized 19 firearms and arrested 8 people over the last two weeks, TVA too, and I’m wondering whether that’s anything special, or whether Fady Dagher has lit a fire under the SPVM PR department.

        • Kate 22:32 on 2023-01-26 Permalink | Reply  

          First posted earlier Thursday on /r/montreal, TVA now has the story of the guy clearing snow near the edge of a high rooftop with no safety gear whatsoever. TVA didn’t verify his identity nor find out what kind of employer gets a man to do that.

          • Francesco 23:08 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

            Jeeeedoof ‍♂️

          • Francesco 23:10 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

            Lol no idea an emoji would give me that symbol. Should’ve been facepalm!

          • Kate 23:47 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

            It looks like a comment about male machismo.

          • dwgs 08:01 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            The question is why? It’s not like snow load is going to be a thing on that building.

          • Blork 11:01 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            This is not unheard of. Here’s a photo I took in 2007. It’s taken through the window of the office where I was working, and what you see is the REFLECTION in the windows of the building across the street. You see two guys who are right over my head (I was on the top floor) shovelling snow off the roof.


          • dwgs 15:32 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Your guys are wearing harnesses Blork.

          • Blork 17:18 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Ahh, so they are.

          • walkerp 21:34 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Who cares?

        • Kate 22:26 on 2023-01-26 Permalink | Reply  

          Knowing they’ll never win in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne, the riding left vacant when Dominique Anglade fled politics, the CAQ is running 21‑year‑old Victor Pelletier in the byelection to be held there before the end of May. Quebec solidaire already announced that Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, who came in second there in October, will try again to turn that riding QS. Apparently nobody’s yet been nominated by the PLQ.

          • Em 12:01 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Cliche-Rivard has been campaigning for weeks already, if not months. Liberals will need to get going if they want to hold it.

        • Kate 18:49 on 2023-01-26 Permalink | Reply  

          The STM has chosen the artists to create works for each of the five new stations on the blue line.

          I notice that of the five stations, three still share the same name as a green line station: Pie‑IX, Viau and Langelier. They’ll have to come up with some sort of variation: Pie‑IX Nord or Viau Bleu?

          Just don’t name any of them after Bernard Landry.

          • Ephraim 19:32 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

            How about naming one after John Ciaccia, Italian Canadian, member of the National Assembly, negotiator for the James Bay development

            Of course, I’m still waiting for ANYTHING to be named after Ezekiel Hart… anything. He’s the origin of the emancipation of the Jews in 1832 in Quebec and for that matter, all non-Christians to enter politics in Quebec and Canada

          • Kate 21:30 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

            I tend to want the metro stations to be named logically after the closest major street or urban feature, not after politicians, no matter how deserving.

            There are no secondary major streets along the blue line that would make sense as alternate names (they already did this once, naming the station that should have been Papineau Nord “Fabre” which is not a major street, and I suspect they won’t do that again) so it’ll probably have to be Pie‑IX Nord and so on.

          • mare 00:52 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Pie-IX Nord would be a terrible name (Pie-IX itself is already a terrible name, especially for tourists). It suggests it’s a short walk between the two stations.

            A very Quebec thing would be to just rename the section of Pie-IX north of the 40 into Boulevard Bernard Landry. And then name the station after the boulevard.

            I actually don’t like that metro stations are named after streets. Sherbrooke street is 30 km long, naming a station Sherbrooke doesn’t say much about its location. (Naming another station partly after a university named after another *city* called Sherbrooke doesn’t make sense at all, it just makes for a ridiculously long name that nobody ever uses.)

            The moment you get bigger networks you run into trouble, especially with the length of some of the streets in Montreal. At some point in the future there could well be three metro lines crossing Pie-IX (in the unlikely case a new line is ever built after 20+ studies). Would you name the third station Pie-IX-Centre?

            Naming stations after famous (dead) artists is my favourite, but a station with a Cree of Mohawk name is long overdue as well. Or just name them after plants, trees or animals. Station-Raton-Laveur does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

          • GC 09:17 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            I’ll bang my usual drum that we shouldn’t name things after people, at all.

            I agree that giving Blue line stations the same names as Green line stations is a bad idea, though.

          • MarcG 09:46 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            The metro station closest to me is named Lasalle, presumably because it’s near Lasalle blvd – which is very long like Sherbrooke so pretty useless in that regard – but the number of poor lost souls I find wandering around nearby thinking they’re in the borough of Lasalle is amazing. Names are important, do a survey before you start printing the signs!

          • shawn 10:21 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Yes these are always fun to argue about. FWIW, I still find myself calling Edouard Montpetit ‘Vincent d’Indy’, which was never even the official name? Or it was for 5 mins.?

            As for these blue line stations, I wonder if there are some old neighbourhood names that could be used? I’d rather like that, naming it after these traditional quartiers or districts, where possible.

          • shawn 11:23 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Looking at what’s in the french wiki article on the Blue line and I see that one station is in Saint-Léonard, which is in turn a shortening of the old parish Saint-Léonard-de-Port-Maurice… so I daresay Saint-Léonard will be the name?

          • Ephraim 11:52 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Sherbrooke Station should actually be renamed Square St-Louis (the legal name of the park). It’s not even on Sherbrooke

            The original Viau maybe should be renamed, it’s not really on Viau at all… it’s on Pierre-de-Coubertin. They could name it Musee, since it is near so many museums… the biodome, the botanical gardens, the planetarium and the memorial to Drapeau’s folly. Which of course suggests that Pie-IX could be renamed Stade Olympique?

          • shawn 12:12 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Yes, Square St-Louis would have been a nice name too. I once told a clued out family member to meet me at the Sherbrooke metro and he went to métro Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke! Though that’s hardly the station’s fault. And it we’re renaming Viau then surely it should be Espace pour la vie, not ambiguous Musée.

            I hope the STM reads Kate’s blog and governs itself accordingly.

          • carswell 14:13 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            @shawn Nothing to stop you or anyone else from submitting suggestions directly.


            There’s even a prefabbed “Suggestion” subject line option. Suggesters might also CC a few media outlets in the hope of sparking a public discussion.

            FWIW I think the idea of naming most of the new blue line stations after places is the way to go, though Anjou and Lacordaire are fine as is. I don’t imagine the STM will be open to radically changing existing stations’ names; however, history shows they will consider amending existing names (so Pie IX-Stade olympique or Pix IX-Stade?).

          • Kate 14:51 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Viau (green) could be renamed Espace pour la Vie, or make some reference to Copernicus or Galileo because of the planetarium.

            MarcG: you are so right about Lasalle station being confusing.

            Some great ideas here!

          • carswell 15:05 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            While not personally opposed to changing, say, green line Viau to Espace pour la Vie, can you imagine the confusion that would last for years if its old name were given to a new station? I’m sure the STM can. Yes, there is a history of at least one total name change (Île Ste-Hélène to Jean-Drapeau) but the old name wasn’t reused.

          • Kate 17:07 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

            Here’s the thing: they might, might just get away with calling the Pie‑IX blue line station Provencher, a street that’s a couple of short blocks east, although less well known.

            But Viau, up there, is not near any street or feature of note, and the same problem affects Langelier. Viau, Langelier and Lacordaire are all in St‑Léonard, so that wouldn’t work as a station name.

            Alternative names don’t leap off the map.

        • Kate 16:45 on 2023-01-26 Permalink | Reply  

          I don’t usually issue warnings, but the details how Jimmy Methot was murdered in Lachine in September 2021 are grim. An unnamed adolescent has been sentenced to an exceptional sentence of nine years for participating in the killing.

          • Kate 14:47 on 2023-01-26 Permalink | Reply  

            The son of the woman killed Wednesday in the city’s first homicide of 2023 was arrested Thursday and will be charged with her murder. Emmanuel Gendron-Tardif is a filmmaker, and his mother was assistant director of Laval’s culture and leisure department.

            • Kate 14:43 on 2023-01-26 Permalink | Reply  

              A funeral was held on a snowy Thursday morning for 10 minutes max, transit advocates calling for more funding for services.

              In the future, will someone assume that there was a prominent citizen here nicknamed “10 minutes Max”?

              • Tee Owe 14:52 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

                First cousin to Max Headroom maybe?

              • Francesco 23:12 on 2023-01-26 Permalink

                10-Minute Max used to be my porn name

              • Ephraim 13:42 on 2023-01-27 Permalink

                @Frencesco – Well, I guess it’s better than 2 minute Max, but 8 minutes…

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