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  • Kate 21:53 on 2024-07-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Le Devoir surveys the books written about Mile End in the past and present, the first of a series on neighbourhood literatures around town.

    • Ian 23:00 on 2024-07-06 Permalink

      Not mentioning any specific books by Richler or even mentioning Cohen in passing is a remarkable omission. I mean yeah it’s le Devoir but c’mon.

    • PatrickC 02:17 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      There are many other novels more recent than those of Richler or Cohen (whose novels are not actually situated in Mile End anyway). How about Louis Rastelli’s “A Fine Ending” or Guillaume Morissette’s “New Tab”? Or Marianne Ackerman’s “Jump”? Just for starters…

    • Ian 06:48 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      St Urbain’s Horsemen and Duddy Kravitz aren’t Mole End, just to name 2? Try harder. The Favourite Game was one of the reasons I came here!

    • CE 08:29 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      I think he’s referring to Cohen, not Richler. Nobody who has read Richler could possibly think he’s not writing about Mile End. I’ve only read Beautiful Losers by Cohen and I seem to remember most of it taking place in and around downtown. I don’t think he wrote much about Mile End.

    • Kate 08:53 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      Ian, forgive me, but I love “Mole End” – it sounds like something from The Wind in the Willows.

    • Uatu 09:24 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      It’s right nextdoor to Toad Hall

    • GC 10:25 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      Yeah, “Mole End” is my favourite typo of the week.

    • Ian 17:37 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      Haha, I live to serve 🙂

      In the Favourite Game one of the characters even had a summer job sweeping up at the garment factories on de Gaspé … and much of the action takes place in the English part of the Plateau north of the park, so Mile End. As I recasll Beautiful Losers was pretty much all downtown, though.

      Anyway I just found it odd that all the books were written by French authors, it’s not like work doesn’t exist in translation …

    • PatrickC 19:46 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

      IIRC, the hero of The Favorite Game has an apartment on Stanley, i.e. downtown.

  • Kate 19:43 on 2024-07-06 Permalink | Reply  

    The new Caribbean festival is in the news this weekend, as is Comiccon and the Jazz Festival, which wraps up Saturday. CTV weighs in with festival advice.

    • Kate 16:21 on 2024-07-06 Permalink  

      CTV reports window smashing and tear gas at McGill on Friday night, and Radio‑Canada says one man, clearly outside the typical student age group, was arrested.

      • Kate 13:56 on 2024-07-06 Permalink | Reply  

        Radio-Canada has some audio on the city’s alleys and their origins.

        • Kate 10:07 on 2024-07-06 Permalink | Reply  

          A CNESST report found a febrile atmosphere of violence reigns at the STM’s massive Legendre bus garage, located along St‑Laurent north of the Met. Management fears to intervene in the dominance of a hard core of tough guys, and nobody has found a way to cope with this problem.

          • DeWolf 11:21 on 2024-07-06 Permalink

            // Les causes du climat toxique demeurent floues à la lecture du rapport, mais employeur et syndicat s’entendent pour montrer du doigt un « noyau dur » de responsables. « Des travailleurs se détestent tellement qu’ils ne peuvent s’endurer », décrit le rapport.

            « Les discussions dans différentes langues peuvent avoir pour effet qu’une personne qui ne comprend pas ce qui est dit se sente exclue », mentionnait un rapport précédent de la CNESST. « C’est un problème récurrent à travers tout le réseau de la STM. » //

            This sounds like the trouble the city has had with some blue collar workers who can’t handle the fact that some of their colleagues speak Creole to one another.

          • Kate 12:26 on 2024-07-06 Permalink

            Indeed it does.

            Would the new language law mandate that people have to speak French on the job?

          • Ian 23:01 on 2024-07-06 Permalink

            Even then, not exclusively…

          • Kate 08:54 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

            I’m not sure you can legislate the language spoken among coworkers in a workplace, but you can give it a damn good try.

          • Uatu 10:00 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

            This is a great opportunity for these guys to learn Creole and jouale from each other. I work at the Vic and over the years have learned how to insult and swear at people in French, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, Chinese and Spanish from my coworkers. It’s a lot of fun lol.

          • Ian 18:09 on 2024-07-07 Permalink

            Absolutely, teaching each other to swear is one of the classic bonding experiences!

          • Kate 10:24 on 2024-07-08 Permalink

            Except in the case of the STM it doesn’t seem to be working that way. Once you sow paranoia that when others are speaking their own language they’re doing it as an attack on you (even if all they’re talking about is their lunch or their kids or matters to do with the job itself) then the whole situation can snowball into hostile encampments. I remember a similar story that happened among nurses in a CHSLD, for example – the Haitian nurses being told not to speak Creole among themselves.

          • Daisy 12:27 on 2024-07-08 Permalink

            While working at a well-known local anglophone institution, I noticed that some of my coworkers lacked confidence speaking French and wanted more opportunities to practice, so I sent an email to a staff listserv inviting anyone interested in join me at one of the tables in the lunch room to speak French together on our lunch break on Thursdays. This resulted in me getting hauled into my supervisor’s office and interrogated as to my intention in a very hostile manner. (The supervisor herself was francophone but I think she was following orders from above.) She told me that there were continuing education classes for those who wanted to improve their French skills, so why would I do this? This was on our own free time (unpaid lunch breaks), and anyway I thought I was more deserving of praise for my initiative than reprimand for overstepping. You would have thought I was trying to set up a spy ring or something!

        • Kate 09:07 on 2024-07-06 Permalink | Reply  

          The remaining residents were removed from the motel St-Jacques on Friday following the shock revelation that it was a hive of sexual exploitation and drug use. Who could’ve guessed?

          • Kate 08:56 on 2024-07-06 Permalink | Reply  

            An encampment at the parc des Faubourgs, set up on Moving Day to express solidarity with the homeless, was dismantled by police Friday evening after threats of arrests or fines.

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