Mission de l’Esprit-Saint, a cult in Anjou

I was skimming the news Thursday, as I do, and when I saw Québec veut le nom des enfants qui fréquentent la Mission de l’Esprit-Saint I thought we were in a far-flung corner of Quebec with some hillbilly messiah. Not so. The Mission de l’Esprit-Saint is mostly located in Anjou. It was founded in 1913 and has a Wikipedia page and Quebec is concerned about 70 kids being “educated” in its religious school. I see on a search that the group also practises their religion illegally in Joliette (this last piece has quotes from ex-members who grew up in it).

It’s always philosophically interesting to read about good reasons to dismantle cults, because once you get into the inculcation of irrational beliefs in children, any major religion can be damned with the same argument, except I suppose for the key aspect of taking people out of mainstream society.