Updates on the Corona crisis

Community transmission of COVID-19 is present in almost every part of Montreal by now, according to public health honcho Mylène Drouin in her Wednesday press conference. There are now 2100 confirmed cases in the city.

More than half the people diagnosed with the virus in Montreal are under 50 and, of that group, the most affected are from 20 to 29. (Update: On Thursday, the Journal says the group most affected are in their forties.)

Parks are not closed but the importance of maintaining distance is restated. Mayor Plante has a Facebook thing about how if people congregate in parks, they will have to be closed, so don’t do that.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen mention of transit pass issues for yearly users, but the last time they said the April payment would be refunded. This time it’s more like a suspension – the payment for April will only be applied once emergency conditions are lifted.

Justin Trudeau admitted Wednesday that emergency measures may have to last until July.

Bike repair shops have been declared an essential service and given permission to reopen.