Coronavirus catch-up

Police fined people playing soccer in Ahuntsic on Sunday, handing out $1546 tickets. (Update remark: Obviously I missed the weirder part of this story, about the woman getting a ticket for being sung “happy birthday” to, by friends in cars. It’s on that link and discussed below.)

La Presse has a question-and-answer item covering various practical matters as affected by the pandemic.

When I saw this headline about “criticism” of a dépanneur in Lachine I was afraid it would be a story of racism, but it isn’t. The wife of one of the delivery guys has tested positive and it’s apparently put people on edge. No idea how the news got around, but the little Provi-Soir has been sterilized.

Further update: this account on Global tells about the same woman who received a birthday parade (the location is Beaconsfield and the name is Leblanc in both stories) but says she only received a warning, no ticket.