Some pre-COVID notes

On Facebook, regular reader Blork noted “Remember how a few months ago, not one, not two, but THREE huge food markets opened downtown, and how they were going to TRANSFORM THE DINING SCENE with their highly social form of dining?”

What else were we concerned about before the outbreak? Seven pedestrians had been killed in traffic since the start of the year, five of them over 60. The last ped death was on March 12.

Homicides are also down, as are the usual police blotter items about non-fatal stabbings and other incivilities. It may be that the media are simply not bothering to cover these stories, which would mostly get lost in the torrent of pandemic news – but it may simply be that, with people home and bars closed, there’s less opportunity for rumbling.

We had smog warnings.

There were pieces about the housing bubble and the general shortage in living spaces.

Lately, we haven’t seen much about Royalmount, and there hasn’t been anything about delays to the REM or to the blue line extension either.

People who dislike plane noise must be feeling better. I’m hearing a plane going over now, but there isn’t the usual barrage of plane noise in the mid to late afternoon. Does anyone know how much aircraft contribute to city air pollution?