Virus continues to spread despite lockdown

Despite a lockdown lasting weeks, COVID-19 continues to spread and the health authorities don’t know why. There are outbreaks that haven’t been controlled, and Montreal North is, as Le Devoir puts it, a red zone, along with St-Michel and RDP.

La Presse summarizes the reopening rules and the risks involved in reopening industry.

As Jonathan Montpetit says in his analysis of Legault’s decision to reopen schools and businesses, “there is an element of cognitive dissonance for the public to hear the premier say things are under control when every day somewhere between 50 and 100 people die of a disease that is running rampant in government-regulated facilities.”

I’m adding here Michel C. Auger’s analysis: Translating, “A reopening could no doubt be justified if the Quebec dossier put it in the top class in the fight against COVID-19. But this is not the case: with 23% of the population, Quebec has more than half of the COVID-19 cases in Canada and more than half of the deaths.”