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  • Kate 23:17 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

    Nobody knows how many orange cones are distributed on the streets of this city. Since most are placed by diverse contractors and subcontractors, it’s impossible even to give an estimate. But there’s going to be a summit meeting in the spring to get a better handle on roadworks and cones generally.

    • Jonathan 10:11 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

      Do we really need to know how many orange cones there are?
      I would think just knowing where there should and should not be (i.e via the city permit database, or MTQ public works) is good enough. Who cares about the number.

    • Kate 10:46 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

      Orange cones aren’t like electrons. If you know where they are, you’re bound to have a good idea how many there are.

    • Jonathan 11:41 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

      Hey Kate, i don’t think that’s likely. There’s no prescribed number of cones per detour and less so do they know how long a ‘perimeter’ should be. The city does know how many construction sites there are. This article just seems like a ‘Montreal is so disorganized, look!” trap.

    • Ephraim 11:48 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

      They now grow them in trees… https://i.imgur.com/QhPgCPE.jpg

    • JaneyB 09:42 on 2023-02-03 Permalink

      Don’t we rent those cones? Or maybe the contractors rent them. That means there’s a rental agreement somewhere. I’ve read many times that we do not own them. This seems crazy to me but possibly there is a good reason for it.

    • Kate 11:31 on 2023-02-03 Permalink

      Who is the Cone King of Montreal?

  • Kate 22:34 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

    Two men were stabbed Wednesday evening in an apartment in Longue‑Pointe. It appears they attacked each other.

    • Kate 22:09 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

      A handsome building in Centre‑Sud could be revived to shelter the homeless. It belongs to the city’s SHDM, but it hasn’t been prioritized for funding.

      Given that the building was evacuated in 2019 because of structural concerns, it might be an expensive affair to renovate.

      • Kate 20:26 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

        The Montreal restaurant with the top rating on Tripadvisor was a hoax, although by whom, an why, is not clear. Le Nouveau Duluth was positioned somewhere near the corner of Duluth and St‑Denis – around the corner from where the original Vieux Duluth used to be.

        • Ephraim 21:26 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

          If you want to have a laugh and see an example of really FAKE reviews, look at https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g155032-d568234-Reviews-Hotel_Arena_Palace-Montreal_Quebec.html but with an incognito browser because TripAdvisor is one of the WORST websites for violating your privacy… even trying to get FORCE you to log in via Google. And try to make you think you need to put in dates… because they only make money if you book via their links. (Just ignore and cancel) They also try to show you “best value” which doesn’t display the whole list… just the ones that they offer booking for.

          The easiest way to see a fake is an inverted bell curve. You don’t have a lot of people giving you 1/5 and 5/5. That doesn’t make sense.

          But it’s a website used less and less all the time… because you can’t find the data you want anyway. The B&B list for Montreal has both a hotel and a defunct B&B in the top 10

        • GC 23:56 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

          “comedian Charles Deschamps, whose name is linked to the restaurant’s listed phone number” seems like an odd coincidence. So, maybe he did it as a joke? Unless someone else used his phone number without his consent, of course…

        • Chris 09:31 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

          >You don’t have a lot of people giving you 1/5 and 5/5. That doesn’t make sense.

          Doesn’t it? Personally, the only time I’m motivated to bother leaving a review is if it was horrible or amazing. Average is nothing to write home about.

        • MarcG 09:42 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

        • Ephraim 11:51 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

          @Chris Most of the time it’s a Bell curve or a curve to one side. And upside down bell curve is a sign of fakes. You don’t get 50 5* and 50 1* with very little in between unless service is really bi polar

      • Kate 17:38 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

        Mayor Plante has a piece on TVA about Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, pointing out that it serves a third of the city’s population, and covers an area the size of Quebec City, which has four hospitals to rely on. It’s a straightforward piece but you can read between the lines a demand for more help from Quebec.

        On La Presse, Plante’s plea to Quebec for help in restoring the area around Place Émilie‑Gamelin is also mentioned.

        • Spi 20:06 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

          Why won’t they just come out with actual sensible and actionable solutions? For example take the Rosemont and Maisonneuve buildings off the heritage building list, neither is particularly relevant or exceptional architecturally (unless you happen to believe that because a building is shaped like a cross it must be protected), how many headlines have we seen about how the project is too expensive and they need to scale it down? You know what would save an enormous amount of money? Being able to build from scratch and not spend hundreds of millions trying to adapt and build around old pavilions. They’re both 70-80 years old, I’m sure there are no surprises hiding behind those walls at all. none

      • Kate 17:34 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

        A new bike path will be installed along Christophe-Colomb between St‑Grégoire and Gouin this summer – Radio‑Canada says this fall – connecting up four boroughs and making the street calmer and safer for all users.

        • mare 19:57 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

          Finally! They installed a bike path on CC in a few days (with green pylons) during the first pandemic summer (the one with the clean air and reduced car traffic). It was great and sooo fast. Super wide, on both sides of the street, and long uninterrupted blocks, and no separate traffic lights (yes, so less safe), so you had more than 25% chance you didn’t have to stop at every intersection. And the car traffic was actually abiding the speed limit, because there was only one lane. My favourite bike path in the city.
          There were some issue, like near the underpass of the 40, and some steep ramps near schools, but overall it was great.
          And then they took it down again, and it didn’t come back the next summer.

          I’m glad they’re bringing it back. It will be a good replacement of the bike path on Boyer, that is just too narrow, damaged by tree roots and with weird connections at Jarry and several other intersections. And the section North of the 40 that goes through a small forested area had so many potholes it was scary and is never plowed so in the winter I alway used the sidewalk.

        • DeWolf 00:44 on 2023-02-02 Permalink

          The VAS (as it was officially known) was a highlight of summer 2020, which was obviously an otherwise bleak summer. The reason it didn’t come back is because it was paid for using Quebec’s emergency pandemic funds. It was such a revelation, not only to have a safe, direct and very speedy north-south cycling route, but also because it really succeeded at calming traffic. It was better to walk along, to walk across, and even to drive on because you no longer had to deal with impatient drivers trying to do 60 in a 40 zone.

      • Kate 14:19 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

        Tanvir Singh, the young man who beat a random child in the street last March, will be staying at Pinel indefinitely as a high‑risk offender. He was found not criminally responsible in the attack. TVA gives a little more detail about Singh’s presumed state of mind during the incident than the anglo media do.

        I suppose journalists can’t inquire into how the girl is doing.

        • Kate 12:14 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

          Theft of cars and their almost immediate export from the port of Montreal is rife. CBC asks if enough is being done to stop it.

          • Kate 11:34 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

            Refuges are expecting an influx of homeless people as the polar vortex descends – fitfully – on the city.

            Even in a town like this, where we’re accustomed to temperatures bouncing around, it’s unusual to have two frigid days – Friday and Saturday – Friday with a high of –24° and Saturday –18° – bookended by days with highs of –2° or –3°.

            We also have a smog warning up for Wednesday.

            • Kate 10:26 on 2023-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

              Later in February, St‑Denis between Sherbrooke and Emery will be turned into a ski hill, first for a competition, then for the use of the general public.

              • walkerp 10:44 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                Okay that’s kind of awesome.

              • mare 11:12 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                Let’s visit the cinema on skis!

              • Ephraim 12:05 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                Should have been Hotel de Ville https://goo.gl/maps/GRJp4AoGhywxgmfi6 that’s the scariest hill to go down in the winter around this neighbourhood

              • JaneyB 12:40 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                Very cool. This is pure Montreal!

              • shawn 12:44 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                They’ve done this before, have they not? I seem to rermember it, a while back.

              • Joey 13:06 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                @shawn me too, vaguely. They’ve also done some tubing runs on Place Jacques Cartier, I think.

              • shawn 13:11 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                I did find a 2014 Mtl blog article about plans to make a big water slide there in the summer. Pretty sure that never happened.

              • dwgs 13:31 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                There’s so much potential. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/-Bc1YgCzcZ0

              • Kate 23:21 on 2023-02-01 Permalink

                I’d forgotten about that video, dwgs – thanks!

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