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  • Kate 17:22 on 2023-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

    The city will be spending $13.4 million to extend a street under the REM in southern Point St Charles, although even looking at the map I can’t quite make out where it is or what the purpose is.

    • James 20:40 on 2023-02-09 Permalink

      After the work is done, it will be possible to travel by bike or car from:
      45.475313, -73.549031
      45.486430, -73.541282
      This will finally allow the use of the newly-built bike path on the south part of rue Gaetan-Laberge. Will be ideal to get downtown from the new Champlain bridge. Currently the best route is via Wellington.

    • steph 22:35 on 2023-02-09 Permalink

      Taking Marc-Cantin looks like a detour to get downtown instead of just taking Wellington.

    • Kate 10:12 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      Thanks for the explanations.

    • Blork 11:22 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      There’s also a fair number of vacant lots along there, so I suppose the condo tower developers have some ideas.

    • Kate 11:34 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      The land around there risks being very contaminated for development, though.

    • Blork 11:43 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      True. But nice river and city views from the the 4th floor and higher, so they’d be fancy and expensive. And if they go with the “tall and skinny” trend that’s popular right now the footprint would be small so maybe not so expensive to clean up.

    • MarcG 13:25 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      There’s a gated-off bike path junction here that is curious, although I suppose it might just end up being a very slight shortcut to the Gaetan Laberge bike path.

    • nau 16:53 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      Yeah, it must be part of an extension of the riverfront path between Ponts Champlain and Victoria. Used to be quite different there. I remember biking down the gravel path there early one sleepless morning. Under the bridge to Ile des Soeurs, there was somebody’s found object art shrine. A bit spooky at that time of the day but I pushed on into the rabbits warren of trails in the scrub forest on the other side. Zipping around a corner, I came across a couple leather men in flagrante fellatio. Fortunately, I could veer down another path so as not to have to squeeze past them with an awkward “Top of your morning, good sirs.”

    • MarcG 17:46 on 2023-02-10 Permalink

      @nau: What kind of path is that between the Bonaventure and the river, gravel? Here’s an image of the large “multipurpose” untamed green space they destroyed during the recent bridge re-build.

    • nau 14:36 on 2023-02-13 Permalink

      @MarcG There’s a plan to turn the Bonaventure into an urban boulevard and at the same time add a walking/cycling path along the waterfront. That I assume will be asphalt. I haven’t been along there for a long time, but it doesn’t look like anything has changed yet from online images. From what I remember, I cut through the now levelled green space, hopped the guardrail and biked along the paved shoulder of the Bonaventure, although it does look like there’s also a wide gravel shoulder on the other side of the concrete barrier that might be bike-able with a mountain bike. Not sure I did it more than once, to be honest; I wanted to check it out but there’s too many cars for it to be a particularly pleasant ride. The view of the river looks fine, so maybe early on a Sunday when traffic is light it could be enjoyable. There’s also apparently some seriously noxious waste discharging from the soil into the river along the area, so not the best place to chill by the water even without traffic noise pollution; not sure if the city’s going to manage to clean that up as part of its riverfront path plans.
      That green space really was multi-purpose. On a couple other early morning rides towards the Seaway path, I remember having to dodge a steady stream of zoned out kids heading in the direction of Canadian Tire, presumably coming back from a rave somewhere in that green space area.

  • Kate 15:18 on 2023-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Covid deaths in Quebec have now passed 18,000.

    • Kate 12:21 on 2023-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

      There were two restaurant firebombings early Thursday in St‑Laurent.

      My incident map‘s arson section is going to be a crowded layout by the end of this year, if things go on like this.

      • Kate 11:56 on 2023-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Lots of pieces on aspects of the bus incident Wednesday: two of the injured kids have been released from hospital. Parents of kids at the daycare, and people living nearby, are processing the shock.

        The bus driver, Pierre Ny St-Amand, never asked for help with his mental health. No link has been found between the driver and the daycare. CTV looks into what’s known about the driver: almost nothing, although there’s the mention of daughters.

        The bus was removed from the building late Wednesday. No item has mentioned passengers, so the driver may have been bringing an empty bus back to the garage toward the end of rush hour. TVA tried to make a story about how a regular passenger had never seen St‑Amand on her route, but there’s nothing in it.

        TVA also mentions a mental health line put up by an Ontario company. Will they offer services in French, though? Oddly, they don’t say. Surely it would be simpler just to call 811 and get local help.

        • Kate 11:16 on 2023-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

          The front third-floor balcony dropped off a Plateau triplex on Wednesday, leaving a trail of debris but no injuries.

          • Blork 11:24 on 2023-02-09 Permalink

            What’s particularly weird is that it’s only HALF of the balcony that came down.

            Frankly, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Those balconies are held up by wooden beams that are not particularly well sheltered from water, and many of them are 100 years old or more.

          • Kate 11:40 on 2023-02-09 Permalink

            The tenant also says she’s had as many as ten people out on that tiny balcony, so they’re retrospectively lucky it didn’t give way under them.

          • Kevin 12:27 on 2023-02-09 Permalink

            Old-time construction with the idea that joists running through the non-existent building envelope would just dry out and be okay– instead of rotting and being a source of water running directly indoors.

            I bet the tenants living below have had rain running down their walls and either didn’t notice, or took steps so it wouldn’t show as much.

            As for half coming down, checking the address you can see it’s the geographic western side of the balcony, which gets more rain exposure, so that’s more likely to rot first.

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