Moving day is upon us

Monday is moving day (another Montreal tradition that’s been widely reported): CTV has tips to avoid shady movers – although if you’re still scouting for a mover this weekend you’ve left it late – and the Journal has tips to avoid getting injured schlepping your furniture up to the third floor. The Gazette examined the phenomenon of rented storage space.

TVA says some landlords are excluding families with kids and talks to FRAPRU, which is concerned about households that haven’t found new digs but are expected to move out of the old ones. La Presse estimates the unaccommodated households at least at 110. Finally, that last article gives the emergency city number for people without new lodgings: 514-868-4002, which is supposed to be working this weekend.

Lots of trucks around Villeray streets Saturday. Anyone with a truck or pickup who isn’t already making a few bucks moving could scavenge a few things of value off the sidewalks this weekend.