An example of a ChatGPT comment

I mentioned last week that I removed several well‑composed ChatGPT comments here, but that I’d trashed them. Spotted another today, a comment on this post about the recent fire.

The comment, while anodyne, is not the usual gibberish we used to see in comment spam:

6 people are missing after a fire in Old Montreal this week. What do you think happened to them?

The trick is in the commenter’s link, which is to a U.S. site that sells CBD oil in various formats. They’ve sent me similar spams recently, always adjusted to the topic, but always linking back to their site.

I don’t doubt that the AI will get smarter, so if anyone sees CBD oil being flogged from here, please let me know, because it’s not me doing it.

Wow! I’ve caught another! Check out this comment by “Kathy Brown” to this post. “Her” link went to the CBD site as well, and it’s so well written that I hadn’t noticed it was a bot:

It’s unfortunate to hear that Archambault is closing its original store, and it’s clear that the lack of social services has had a devastating effect on the area. It’s clear that something needs to be done to help the community, and I’m wondering what steps the mayor is planning to take to address the issue? It’s important to help the people in the area, and I’m hoping that the mayor is taking this issue seriously.

I’ve since deleted it.