Updated April 2023

A general election was held in Quebec on October 3, 2022. Then a byelection was held in St-Henri-Ste-Anne on March 12, 2023.

Memo of recent provincial elections and party changes this century:

April 2003: Jean Charest’s Liberals win a majority over the Parti Québécois under Bernard Landry, 76 seats to 45. At this stage the Action démocratique (ADQ), a predecessor of the CAQ, wins only 4 seats under Mario Dumont.
March 2007: Charest’s Liberals win again, but this time it’s a minority. The ADQ surges to become the official opposition, André Boisclair’s PQ being knocked down to third place. Still, it’s close, seats being 48‑41‑36. Boisclair steps down in May 2007.
December 2008: Charest calls this election because he’s unsatisfied with a minority. He wins a majority, with Pauline Marois’ PQ in opposition, 66 to 51 seats. The ADQ is pushed back to only 7 seats, and Mario Dumont steps down. Québec solidaire wins a single seat when Amir Khadir takes Mercier.
2012: Student dissent shakes things up. The ADQ, now led by Gérard Deltell, merges with the nascent CAQ, launched by François Legault.
September 2012: Pauline Marois’ PQ wins a minority, 54 seats to the Liberals’ 50, with 9 seats going to the CAQ. QS now has two seats, Françoise David joining Khadir. The PQ election night celebration at the Metropolis is marred by an attack by lone gunman Richard Bain, who shoots one stagehand dead and badly injures another. Jean Charest steps down as Liberal leader.
April 2014: Although this election is called by the PQ, Philippe Couillard’s Liberals win a majority, 70 seats over the PQ’s 30 and CAQ’s 22. QS now has 3 seats. Pauline Marois loses her own seat, Charlevoix–Côte‑de‑Beaupré, and steps down as PQ leader.
October 2018: The CAQ wins a majority, with 74 seats to the Liberals’ 31 and the PQ, under J‑F Lisée, down to 10, the same number as Québec solidaire. Lisée steps down.
October 2022: The CAQ wins a crushing majority, with 90 seats to the Liberals’ 21 and QS’s 11. The PQ, under Paul St‑Pierre Plamondon, is knocked down to 3 seats.
November 2022: Dominique Anglade steps down as Liberal party leader and announces she will also quit as MNA by the end of the month. Marc Tanguay becomes interim party leader.

There are 27 provincial ridings on the island of Montreal. Since the March 2023 byelection, 15 are now represented by the Liberal Party of Quebec, nine by Québec solidaire, two by the CAQ, and one by the Parti Québécois.

Acadie: North-end Acadie elected Liberal André A. Morin after their previous PLQ MNA Christine St‑Pierre declined to run again.

Anjou–Louis-Riel: North-end Anjou–Louis-Riel elected the CAQ’s Karine Boivin Roy. Previously they had been PLQ for a long time with Lise Thériault, but she declined to run again.

Bourassa-Sauvé: North-end Bourassa-Sauvé has been Liberal since its creation in 2003. Paule Robitaille was MNA till 2022, when the riding was won by the PLQ’s Madwa‑Nika Cadet.

Camille-Laurin: Flipped from CAQ to PQ, electing party leader Paul St‑Pierre Plamondon.

D’Arcy-McGee: Elected the PLQ’s Elizabeth Prass. The first runner‑up was the Quebec Conservative candidate.

Gouin: Gouin resoundingly re‑elected QS’s Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve resoundingly re‑elected QS’s Alexandre Leduc.

Jacques-Cartier: West Island riding Jacques-Cartier resoundingly re‑elected the PLQ’s Greg Kelley, who’s married to Saint‑Laurent MNA Marwah Rizqy.

Jeanne-Mance–Viger: Same boundaries as Saint-Léonard. Resoundingly re‑elected the PLQ’s Filomena Rotiroti.

LaFontaine: East-end Lafontaine coincides largely with RDP. It resoundingly re‑elected the PLQ’s Marc Tanguay. In November 2022, Tanguay became interim party leader when Dominique Anglade stepped down.

Laurier-Dorion: Resoundingly re‑elected QS’s Andres Fontecilla.

Marguerite-Bourgeoys: Essentially Lasalle and has been Liberal since its creation in 1966, most recently under Hélène David. Elected first‑timer Fred Beauchemin of the PLQ.

Marquette: Where Lasalle blends into Lachine and staunchly Liberal. Re‑elected Enrico Ciccone.

Maurice-Richard: Includes parts of Ahuntsic and Montreal North. Been swatted back and forth between the Liberals and the PQ. In 2018 it was won by Liberal Marie Montpetit in a tight squeeze past the Québec solidaire candidate. Montpetit was expelled from the Liberal caucus in November 2021 following accusations of workplace harassment. In May 2022, Montpetit said she would not be running again. This time, taken by QS’s Haroun Bouazzi.

Mercier: Part of the Plateau, it was held at various points by PQ notables Gérald Godin and Daniel Turp, but it’s been QS since 2008, first under Amir Khadir and, since 2018, Ruba Ghazal. She was resoundingly re‑elected.

Mont-Royal–Outremont: Michelle Setlakwe won this for the PLQ, after Pierre Arcand chose not to run again.

Nelligan: West Island riding re‑elected the PLQ’s Monsef Derraji.

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce: Covers Montreal West and most of NDG. Elected the PLQ’s Désirée McGraw after Kathleen Weil bowed out.

Pointe-aux-Trembles: This far eastern riding was PQ solid from 1989 to 2018, when it elected the CAQ’s Chantal Rouleau. She’s back. The PQ came second here.

Robert-Baldwin: West Island riding has been Liberal since time out of mind, elected Carlos Leitão in 2014. Leitão stayed on in opposition in 2018, then bowed out. The riding elected the PLQ’s Brigitte Garceau this time.

Rosemont: Elected onetime La Presse journalist Vincent Marissal, QS, in 2018 and again in 2022. This was once Louise Beaudoin’s stomping ground and then J-F Lisée’s. CAQ came second here – not close, but enough that QS should look at the result (37.6% to Marissal vs. 23.1% to CAQ’s Sandra O’Connor).

Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne: Basically Le Sud-Ouest. Liberal from its creation in 1994 till 2023, it elected Dominique Anglade in a 2015 byelection and brought her back in 2018. In November 2022, Anglade stepped down as party leader and announced she was quitting politics by the end of the month. March 13, 2023, Québec solidaire’s Guillaume Cliche-Rivard won the riding in a byelection, 44.5% over the PLQ’s 29%.

Saint-Laurent: Liberal red since its creation in 1966, and represented by Robert Bourassa and Jean-Marc Fournier among others. Marwah Rizqy won the 2018 election here and has been resoundingly re‑elected in 2022. She is married to Jacques‑Cartier MNA Greg Kelley.

Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques: True blue PQ from its creation in 1989, it went QS in 2014 for Manon Massé and re-elected her in 2018 and 2022.

Verdun: Solid PLQ red from its creation in 1966, it elected Isabelle Melançon in a byelection in 2016 and re-elected her in 2018. But in 2022, QS’s Alejandra Zaga Mendez squeezed past Melançon, 30.8% to 29.3%.

Viau: Central-east Viau has been Liberal since 1981. They’ve re‑elected Frantz Benjamin, with QS coming second.

Westmount–Saint-Louis: Inevitably, Liberal red from its creation in 1994, this riding was represented by Jacques Chagnon till 2018 when they elected Jennifer Maccarone. She’s been re‑elected in 2022, with QS coming a distant second.