Mobile testing clinics in the hot spots

Mobile testing clinics are coming to the following neighbourhoods, that I’ve been able to find data on: Lasalle, St-Laurent, Little Burgundy, Ahuntsic-Cartierville, and areas in the east end of the city. There’s also a testing clinic in Montreal North that’s already been closed and reopened once.

CBC lists other non-mobile testing clinics.

But the phrasing is still: “if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has the disease.” We already know it’s easy to have this virus and not know it for days, so we all need to assume we’ve been in contact with someone who has it, and that every time we go outside to do any errand – or even to walk around – we could touch something or breathe the air from someone infected. Even if most of the deaths have been in old-age homes, that doesn’t mean the virus is contained: the only reason we’re not seeing more widespread illness is because of the lockdown.

It’s like the flu shot. You’re not supposed to get one for free unless you’re in certain health categories or in contact with someone who is. But the minute you go into a store or board a bus – back in the old days of crowded stores and buses – you’re in contact with people of all ages and levels of health. A nurse told me this at the CLSC when I was getting the shot a couple of years ago. “We all are, ma chère” she said, and stuck a needle in my arm.