The risky bet of reopening Montreal

Jonathan Montpetit on why reopening Montreal is riskier than François Legault admits: “the government is going forward less because Montreal is out of the danger zone, and more because the heavy lockdown is no longer sustainable.”

La Presse looks at who’s most at risk and the distribution of cases in parts of the island. This is where the limitations of the borough system are noticeable: I live in VSMPE, which has relatively high levels, but my impression is that Villeray itself is a safer sandwich filling between the bread of St-Michel and Park Ex, although I may be kidding myself. Likewise, I suspect there’s some difference in the numbers between Côte-des-Neiges and NDG, but you can’t tell from the official reporting.

This article goes into some detail about which occupations have been found to be riskiest, and the interesting observation that, although women are more exposed to the virus for occupational reasons, more men have been seen to die once afflicted, for reasons that are not yet clear.