iPad advice needed

So my ipad bricked itself this week. I haven’t mistreated it, but it started behaving oddly, then wouldn’t let me do a factory reset, so it’s currently in limbo. The ipad was bought two years ago and has never been dropped or otherwise mistreated. I’m careful with my stuff.

The blog does not depend only on the ipad, although it’s part of how I usually work.

Normally I’d bring it to the Apple store for diagnosis, but obviously not now. The store is still closed.

Just heard on CBC radio that students are likely to need a lot more tablets and laptops to study from home, not to mention all the WFH going on now. So there may be shortages, not to mention difficulties and delays in getting things delivered. As it stands, if I bought a replacement today, I wouldn’t get it for at least two weeks.

So this is partly a request for advice, and a general request.

The advice: do I invest in a new ipad or do I hang on, hoping the existing ipad is just in a coma and needs some Apple hocus pocus to come back to life?

The request: do any of my readers have an ipad they hardly ever use, that they would let go for a reasonable price?