No stats on wheelchair use in STM buses

Two days ago I promised Bill Binns I’d email the STM and inquire about wheelchair users of their regular buses. I did so, and have just had a reply. After several introductory paragraphs about STM accessibility policy, it says: “Nous n’avons pas de statistique sur l’utilisation des fauteuils roulants dans les bus réguliers.”

I would’ve thought they’d at least want to know how often those ramps were deployed, for maintenance purposes. But in addition, for social reasons I think it would be good if the STM could say something like “4000 wheelchair users successfully took our regular buses last year!”

So all I can tell Bill Binns is that, when I was a regular bus user, I saw wheelchair users from time to time, so it isn’t an imaginary service, but I can’t say how often the option is taken advantage of.