WFH solves an unexpected problem

I was looking up something else in the blog archives, and was reminded that, not so long ago, people were worried about the REM construction in the Mount Royal tunnel and how it would make it difficult for suburbanites to commute to their downtown offices. Not so much any more.

I’m seeing articles both about how influenza could be naturally spiked by the distancing measures imposed for the pandemic, but also how a bad flu season could overwhelm hospitals if it coincided with a second wave of Covid. I prefer to be optimistic, and hope in future people will be saying “Do you remember colds and flu, and how they just stopped after 2020?”

Also, on thinking about it: haven’t had any religious proselytizers at the door either. Also a plus.

Although… thinking again… I’ve recently had several of those recorded scare phone calls claiming to be from the federal government. I think the scammers are going to ramp those up as CERB ends and people get nervous about their right to financial aid.