Man shoots two women dead in Hochelaga

A man shot two women dead on or near Ontario Street on Saturday afternoon. Police winged the shooter, who was taken to hospital. All the accounts of this event are versions of the same brief CP story, which doesn’t specify where on Ontario. TVA says “dans une ruelle”.

…OK, on or near Cadillac. A detached little three-block eastern continuation of Ontario, in an odd little residential enclave between Dickson and CFB Longue-Pointe. Not the familiar commercial stretch of Ontario Street.

Minor updates: I find TVA’s headline “Deux femmes mortes sous les balles, un homme blessé dans une fusillade” a bit bizarre, as the wounded man is not just another victim, but the only suspect in the double killing. Likewise, CBC’s headline is now “… Montreal shooting leaves 2 dead, 1 injured” and Global’s is “…Montreal shooting that killed 2, injured 1”.

The Journal tells us the two murdered sisters were Diane Leblanc, 61, and Sylvie Leblanc, 57 – and the alleged killer was their brother Denis, 59. Must be quite some back story.