October crisis: still a hot potato

Coverage of the October Crisis anniversary continues. La Presse describes how Pierre Laporte’s body was found following the placement of a crude map at Place des Arts.

The paper also looks into what the French thought about Quebec nationalism and the October Crisis.

(Footnote: Marc Lalonde is still alive.)

(Later footnote: Lalonde died in May 2023.)

Radio-Canada reveals how Westmount’s posh Selwyn House School spends a good deal of time studying the actions of the FLQ, “parce que comprendre cet événement permet de mieux saisir le Québec.”

The Gazette says it’s lucky James Cross survived his ordeal at all.

Last week the PLQ managed to block a National Assembly motion to demand Justin Trudeau apologize for his father’s actions fifty years ago. Le Devoir’s André Pratte asks whether the remnants of the FLQ would ever apologize for kidnapping James Cross and murdering Pierre Laporte.