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  • Kate 23:00 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

    Two people in a parked car were shot Sunday evening in St-Léonard. One is in critical condition.

    Update: A 15-year-old girl has died.

    • Kate 22:53 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

      CTV posted a strong statement by a McGill law professor regarding profiling by our police force. It was also published in French by La Presse.

      • Kate 15:39 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

        One of the remaining bits of forest in Pierrefonds is known as the boisé Bourque, but a developer wants to raze it to build a residence for the elderly.

        In another part of the island, the Bois-des-Pères is threatened by illegal snow dumping being done by Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital. The Bois is a little-known piece of untouched linear landscape in eastern Rosemont, wedged in between the hospital compound and other buildings.

        • Kate 12:32 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

          Have we all become hardened to the fact of Covid so that 10,000 deaths no longer seems all that shocking? We reached that point this weekend in Quebec. The next big milestone will be when we reach 100,000 Covid cases in Montreal – the number now stands at 97,995 and is increasing by around 500 cases per day. Most of those have recovered, but – as elsewhere – some people have symptoms that linger.

          • Meezly 12:50 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

            I think it’s more being fatigued and desensitized than hardened. I mean what can we as ordinary citizens do when the gov’t is on another plane of reality? Meanwhile the Minister of Education prides himself on Quebec being the province where children have missed the fewest class days and thinks we’re doing pretty good compared to others (Ontario has fewer than, what, 7000 deaths so far?).

          • Chris 13:38 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

            Kate, depends what you mean… One dictionary definition I find is “become hardened to something: to develop a way of dealing with a sad situation so that it no longer upsets you”.

            By that definition, yes, we have. Why shouldn’t we? Seems like a normal/desirable human coping mechanism. Why live in a constant state of fear and upset over a force of nature (virus)?

            And what’s with all these “milestones” anyway? Seems the media just likes to find round numbers everywhere and write up lazy stories. Imagine they had daily non-stop “milestones” about the death count in Yemen, or air pollution deaths, or motor vehicle injuries. It’s telling that they do not.

          • Tim S. 16:40 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

            I’ve seen estimates that maybe 10% of people will develop ‘long Covid,’ and from what I gather that includes otherwise healthy people in the prime of life. So looking at today’s report, that’s 100+ who will become chronically ill, not able to work to their full capacity and using health care resources for a long time to come. I wish somebody would ask Legault if they’ve run the numbers on that.

          • EmilyG 09:35 on 2021-02-08 Permalink

            How 10,000 COVID-19 deaths in Quebec became just another number – CBC article.

          • Meezly 19:48 on 2021-02-08 Permalink

            From today – court rules Quebec doesn’t need to provide online learning option to all parents: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-online-learning-court-1.5905944?fbclid=IwAR0wYPMFPauek14EmCz0QaIou993sOCrPfDpaa3NaLPEYPPJNX5kxoAYUig

            “Quebec’s back-to-school approach has contrasted with other provinces that have given all parents the option of using online learning in order to reduce class sizes amid the pandemic.”

            In case people are wondering why Quebec remains the worst ever covid province in the country.

        • Kate 12:11 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

          Three sports items in a row, that may be a blog record. A year ago our Laurent Duvernay‑Tardif won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. This year, he’s working here in his other life as a medic while his team plays the big game on Sunday, and even his parents’ bakery and his favourite pizza are in the news.

          As a footnote, isn’t the name Chiefs and their arrowhead motif rather dubious branding in these times?

          • MarcG 12:19 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

            There’s more than the name and logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4P6z_DTHf8

          • Kate 12:27 on 2021-02-07 Permalink


          • EmilyG 13:36 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

            There’s been a lot of discussion recently around sports teams with problematic names.

          • dhomas 18:54 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

            If you read up on the history of the franchise, “the team’s naming was not a direct reference to Native Americans but only to Bartle’s (the Kansas City mayor who convinced the team to move from Texas) nickname “Chief.””

            Except, if you read a little bit into how he got that nickname, you’ll find that it was in appropriating Native American history and culture for his Boy Scout troop earlier in life.

            It’s probably time for that name to be retired.

        • Kate 11:47 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

          Some soccer fans demonstrated Saturday against the local team’s change of name from Impact to Club de Foot Montréal.

          Update: Some have even defaced signs that show the new name.

          • Kate 11:46 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

            Sports announcer Jim Bay has died. He worked for most of the Montreal anglo media at one time or another but had been retired for awhile.

            • Kate 11:31 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

              Mamadi Camara is going to be on Tout le monde en parle on Sunday evening.

              Update: as it turns out, it was his lawyer who appeared.

              • dhomas 19:03 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

                His appearance on the show has since been cancelled. The linked article has been updated.

              • MarcG 19:12 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

                So his lawyer is still going to be on the show?

              • Kate 21:25 on 2021-02-07 Permalink

                I was just popping in to note that Camara wasn’t going to be on after all.

            • Kate 11:21 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

              Raiding an illegal gathering in Lachine, a policeman was punched in the nose and hurt badly enough to go to hospital. Luckily, this time they seem to know who did it, and he’s facing justice.

              • Kate 11:14 on 2021-02-07 Permalink | Reply  

                A young woman fell to her death from an 11th-floor balcony on Durocher near Sherbrooke, early Sunday. Police had failed to talk her off the balcony, so the BEI will investigate.

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